Best Tablet For Peloton App 2023 – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Home workouts have become a norm these days as most people enjoy working out at home in a comfortable environment. The Peloton app is one of the best digital fitness apps used by these users that provides a variety of programs of workouts for treadmills, outdoor workouts, stretching, yoga, weight training workouts, and many more by viewing classes while exercising.

It keeps the records of the users for tracking their progress. The facility of Peloton app can be used by getting the best tablet for it.

Tablets that are suitable for a peloton app should have the best quality display for ensuring that users should enjoy clear, high-quality videos with sharp graphics while doing yoga, cycling on a bike, or running on a treadmill.

Tablet having 2GB RAM is enough for running this app smoothly while a battery life of 7 hours is preferable. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the best tablet for Peloton app. If you want to get some idea about them, stay till the end.

In order to run this app smoothly and effectively, the user should have the best tablet with a wider screen size and high-quality display that delivers enhanced graphics and vivid colors.

In order to make the decision easier for you people, we have listed below the top two recommendations of the best tablet for peloton app.

  • Fire HD 10 Tablet, 10.1″, 1080p Full HD, 32 GB is highly durable and has an octa-core processor.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen) (Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB) has an intel core I 7 processor along with 12.3 inches wider screen size.

Can you use Peloton app on tablet?

You can access Peloton on a variety of devices including iPad, Android Tablet, and Fire Tablet.

Comparing Best Tablet For Peloton App 2023

Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen)4.4 Check Price
Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.54.6 Check Price
Fire HD 10 Tablet, 10.1", 1080p Full HD, 32 GB4.8 Check Price

1. Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen) (Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB)

Microsoft Surface Pro 5th Gen

  • Screen size 3 inches
  • Processor Intel Core i 7
  • RAM 16GB
  • Operating system windows 10

Microsoft Surface Pro 5th Gen is one of the best tablets up till now due to its refreshed features and specifications. With a large display size of 12.3 inches, this tablet provides the best quality display resolution of 2763×1824 pixels which helps in running the videos from the peloton app smoothly.

Moreover, the tablet has IPS LCD with glossy edge-to-edge glass along with ten points multi-touch. While talking about the color display, Adobe sRGB plays its part in increasing the accuracy.

Let’s move towards the design of the tablet, it has a sleek edge while layout and execution are perfect. The build of the tablet is durable and sturdy, made of high-quality magnesium.

The left side of the tablet has volume control keys whereas the right side is equipped with USB ports, surface connecting ports, and one mini display port. The PixelSense display feature of this tablet supports touch and pen.

The battery life of this tablet is about 12 hours and supports a superior display, while the performance is further enhanced by the Windows 10 operating system.

Another noteworthy feature of this tablet is the powerful intel core processor which helps in running the desktop software smoothly while supporting the production workflow.

The feature of the surface pen is further updated by rotation support and tilt, helping the users to create more smooth strokes. All these specifications of this tablet support the Peloton app and help in running it smoothly.

Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the best tablets for peloton apps as it has a wider screen and the best quality display.

Along with this, the color accuracy is further enhanced by the feature of Adobe sRGB. Further, the PixelSense display feature supports the touch and pen of the tablet.

The powerful intel core processor enables the smooth run of desktop applications and also helps in running the Peloton app.

  • High performance
  • Durable built
  • Enhanced color display
  • Expensive

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2. Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5″ (Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 1 TB)

Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5

  • Screen size 5 inches
  • Display resolution 3000 2000 Pixels
  • RAM 16GB
  • Storage   1TB

This Microsoft Surface Book 2 is an updated version of the First Microsoft Surface and is the best tablet for peloton app.

The screen size is about 13.5 inches, having a high-quality display resolution of 3000 2000 Pixels. This surface book has dual functionality i-e you can remove the keyboard and can also use it as a tablet.

The connector of this tablet can take over the power duty as well as connect multiple monitors, USB connection, and Ethernet. This updated version of Microsoft Surface uses the quad-core processor and a discrete graphics chip.

The feature of processor bump helps the users to play games, edit videos, and many other CPU-intensive tasks and can also run a peloton app as well.

Microsoft has inserted 2 batteries into this tablet that enhance its battery life up to 17 hours. The connectivity of this tablet is very high and can be connected with other devices through Wifi, Bluetooth, and wireless Xbox support.

The storage space is about 1TB which is enough to install a peloton app and other variety of applications. It also has SD card extension slots as well.

This tablet supports the surface dial and surface pen. Surface pen delivers natural and smooth writing and drawing experience without any lagging. Whereas Surface dial is the best and most innovative way to interact with the technology.

Another add-on feature of this tablet is the Surface Precision mouse which is designed for comfort, control, and exceptional accuracy. This mouse can be connected to three computers at the same time. Hence it is the best tablet for a peloton app.

This is another most powerful and highly efficient tablet which has many updated features. This tablet is an updated version of Microsoft Surface Book 2 with a wider display screen of 13.5 inches.

The display quality is also very high up to 3000 to 2000 pixels that is suitable for a peloton app as well.

The tablet also comes with the add-on accessories like a Surface pen, Surface Dial, and Surface Precision mouse. The feature of a quad-core processor makes the tablet highly efficient to run desktop applications smoothly.

  • Surface Precision Pen
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • 1 TB storage
  • Thunderbolt 3 support is absent

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3. Fire HD 10 Tablet, 10.1″, 1080p Full HD, 32 GB

Fire HD 10 Tablet 10.1

  • Display size 10 inches
  • Resolution 1920*1200 Pixels
  • Processor Octa-Core Processor
  • Storage 64 GB

Now moving towards the last best tablet for peloton app that home users can opt for workouts and that is Amazon Fire HD10.

This tablet is highly suitable for Peloton apps as it has many professional features. The best part is that it is equipped with an octa-core processor which makes it a fast, highly responsive, and efficient performer.

With an average of 12 hours of battery life, the user can enjoy doing workouts at home while using a peloton app, watching movies, and listening to music.

While conducting a tumble test, it has been found that Amazon fire is 1.7 times more durable than the latest iPad model. While talking about the build, the screen of this tablet is highly durable and is made of aluminosilicate glass.

Furthermore, the display resolution is more than 2 million pixels which deliver vivid colors and enhanced graphics. With high connectivity, the user can stream over Wifi or can download from Netflix.

The dual-functional tablet has the ability to transform into a laptop after attaching the keyboard. The feature of Alexa is another beneficial trait with the help of which the user can control the settings of the tablet through their voices.

The best part is the tablet is energy efficient which helps in increasing its performance level. With 64GB storage, the user can install various apps including the peloton app while supporting its all features.

For home users who want to workout at home while using the Peloton app, this tablet is the best purchasing option as it has many professional features and is also available in an affordable price range. With the help of an Octa-core processor, the tablet is highly powerful and has a high-performance rate.

Moreover, the screen resolution is more than 2 million pixels that deliver enhanced graphics and vivid colors with high accuracy. Therefore, it is the best tablet for Peloton app.

  • Alexa support
  • Aluminosilicate glass screen
  • 1.7 times more durable
  • Unimpressive camera

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Comparison Between These Tablets for Peloton App

Feature Microsoft Surface Pro 5th Gen Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5″ Fire HD 10 Tablet
Screen size 12.3 inches 13.5 inches 10.1 inches
Display resolution 2763×1824 pixels 3000×2000 pixels 1920×1200 pixels
Processor Intel Core i7 Quad-Core Processor Octa-Core Processor
Storage 512GB 1TB 32GB or 64GB
Operating system Windows 10 Windows 10 Fire OS
Battery life Up to 12 hours Up to 17 hours Up to 12 hours
Pen support Surface Pen Surface Pen Not included, but compatible
Keyboard Type Cover (sold separately) Detachable keyboard included Not included, but compatible
Connectivity USB, mini DisplayPort, Surface Connect USB, Surface Connect, SD card slot USB-C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Price Expensive Expensive Affordable

Factors To Be Consider While Buying The Best Tablet For Peloton App

Best Tablet For Peloton App Buying Guide


While buying the best tablet for the peloton app, resolution, size, brightness, viewing angles, etc. For the Peloton app, resolution matters a lot as it provides various workout sessions online for running, treadmill, yoga or weight lifting training, etc.

viewing angle is also one of the most important factors which help the viewers to have a clear view from different angles.

The brightness of the tablet is considered to be an important factor if it has to be used frequently for outdoor activities or workouts. The coating of the tablet should be durable to prevent scratches.

Audio And Screen

These are the most important factors to be considered while buying the best tablet for the Peloton app. As the Peloton app is providing a variety of workout sessions, this screen and audio play the most important role.

Preferable selection of screen size should be 10 inches and more than that for a clear view. Also, OLED screens with wider viewing angles are also the best options to opt for. Along with this, opt for tablets that are equipped with stereo speakers that deliver the best audio quality.


Processors are the most important feature in any tablet, computer, or laptop as it keeps running things smoothly. When buying the best tablet for the peloton app, one should consider it while purchasing.

Look for the tablets having powerful GPU and to have at least 6 core CPUs for the smooth running of the apps.

Also, opt for tablets that have a high storage capacity of almost 1TB which makes them suitable for running peloton apps along with various other apps.


While selecting the best tablet for the peloton app, make sure that they come with a pre-installed latest version of the operating system. They also have an automatic updating feature which updates the tablet automatically. Operating system of IpadOS is easier to use than android.

Whereas androids have many other advantages as well. While buying, look for those tablets that fit your budget as well as are according to your requirements.

My Suggestion! 

    • The Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen) has a larger display size, better color accuracy, and a powerful processor, but is more expensive.
    • The Microsoft Surface Book 2 has dual functionality as a laptop and tablet, a quad-core processor, and a longer battery life, but lacks Thunderbolt 3 support.
    • The Fire HD 10 Tablet is a budget-friendly option with an octa-core processor, long battery life, and good display resolution, but may not be as powerful and may not support desktop software.
    • Ultimately, the best option depends on personal preference and budget.
    • If budget is not an issue, the Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen) may be the best option for its larger display size and better color accuracy.
    • If you need dual functionality, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 may be better, and if you’re on a budget, the Fire HD 10 Tablet may be the best option.


What devices does the Peloton app work on?

Experience Peloton’s digital fitness platform on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, TVs, and web browsers, available on iOS, Android, and more.

Which Tablets Work With The Peloton App?

Amazon Fire 7 and HD 10 are the best tablets for Peloton apps.

Can you download Peloton app on Amazon Fire tablet?

The Peloton App is compatible with Amazon® Fire 7 (2019) and Fire HD 8 (2018 and newer), providing users with the flexibility to access Peloton’s fitness content on their preferred devices.

This allows individuals to work out anytime, anywhere, and on devices that suit their needs and budget. Peloton’s commitment to device compatibility makes it easier for users to incorporate fitness into their daily routines.

Does The Peloton App Work Best on Microsoft Surface?

Peloton is a digital app so it works best on Microsoft Surface and other devices like androids, iOS, etc.

What Can You Do With The Peloton App?

Peloton app is the best digital app that provides various workout programs for those users who wants to do workout at home in a comfortable environment. It provides 10 different types of workouts including cycling, meditation, yoga, running, stretching, etc.

Can The Peloton App Be Used Without a Subscription?

Yes, you can enjoy the features of this app without a subscription as well but that’s for a limited time.


Peloton app is one of the best workout apps providing 10 various programs that are designed for those people who want to do workouts at home as nowadays home workouts are considered to be a norm.

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