How To Move Peloton Bike? Step by Step Guide in 2023

Moving gym equipments is one the most difficult things, especially at home. All those pulley systems, weights, and complicated technology it’s one hell of a headache.

Things get even worse when you are dealing with expensive fitness equipment like the Peloton bike. Such stationary bikes are not only hard to move but also need serious care when you are moving them. Here are some useful tips on how to move a peloton bike.

Before you move a Peloton bike, it is advised to remove the touch screen, pedals, water bottle holder, weight holders, and sweat guard from both Peloton bike and Peloton Bike+.

Make sure to bring the seat post and the handlebars to the lowest position and ensure all the adjustment levers on your Peloton bike are fully tightened.

Here are instructions on how to remove the touch screen and pedals before moving the Peloton bike to prevent any damage.

Steps to move the Peloton Bike

  1. It is possible to transport a Peloton quickly, but at least one person should be present to assist in the process.
  2. Before moving it, set the handlebars and seat of your bike to their lowest positions and make sure all adjustment levers are tightened.
  3. Remove delicate accessories such as touchscreen, pedals, water bottle holder and weight holder before transporting.
  4. Securely tie down the bike with ratchet straps during transit for added protection against movement or damage.
  5. Moving companies can also be hired for additional insurance coverage in case of any mishaps during transportation.

Removing Touch Screen From Peloton Bike

Removing Touch Screen From Peloton bike
  1. First of all, press and hold the power button till the on-screen prompt is displayed. Make sure to power off the bike and unplug its power cable.
  2. Now open the plastic clip on the back and disconnect the monitor cable from the touch screen.
  3. If there are any Ethernet or audio cables, disconnect them.
  4. Remove the back panel of the touch screen.
  5. You can access the mounting plate and screws easily.
  6. Make sure you have someone beside you to hold the touch screen firmly and remove the mounting screws using a screwdriver.
  7. Remove the touch screen and place it anywhere safely.
  8. Now locate the replacement touch screen and eliminate the back panel.
  9. Align the touch screen with a monitor mount and make sure to hold its place.
  10. Install mounting screws with the help of a head screwdriver.
  11. Now reconnect the monitor cable and other cables.
  12. Close the cable clip and return the back panel to the touch screen.
  13. At last, plug in the power cable and then power on the bike.

Moving Peloton Bike

Tools Needed

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • 4mm Allen Wrench


  1. Turn off and unplug Peloton.
  2. Disconnect monitor cables.
  3. Remove touchscreen’s back panel.
  4. With help, unscrew and remove touchscreen.


  1. Lay touchscreen face down, remove square panel.
  2. Position mounting plate to arm.
  3. Secure touchscreen using screws and bolts.
  4. Reattach square panel.
  5. Tighten handlebar bolt with 6mm wrench. ⚠Ensure tightness.
  6. Test touchscreen stability.
  7. Reconnect monitor cables.
  8. Fasten cable to arm, ensuring slack.

Moving Peloton Bike+

Tool Needed

  • 4mm Allen wrench


  1. Power off & unplug Bike+.
  2. Adjust touchscreen: vertical, 180° rotation, tilt up.
  3. Disconnect cables.
  4. Remove two bolts with 4mm wrench.
  5. Set touchscreen aside.


  1. Place touchscreen on mount, tilt up.
  2. Insert and hand-tighten bolts.
  3. Fully tighten with 4mm wrench.
  4. Reposition touchscreen towards bike.
  5. Connect power/data (middle) & audio cables.

Removing Weight Holders From Peloton Bike

Removing Weight Holders From Peloton Bike
  1. You need a 3mm Allen wrench to remove and replace the weight holders on a peloton bike.
  2. Unscrew the screws that are attaching the weight holder to the peloton bike and remove the weight holder.
  3. Now add the new holder and line it up using the same holes on the seat slider.
  4. Never use old screws for installing the new holder, and always use the new screws provided with the new weight holder.
  5. Moving peloton bike from one to another
  6. Peloton bikes are equipped with two wheels on the front to make moving convenient.
  7. Remember, a touch screen is the most sensitive part of the Peloton bike, and you have to remove it at the beginning to prevent any damage.
  8. Position yourself properly at the back of the Peloton bike and grab the stabilizers with two hands and lift the back to tile it onto the front wheels.
  9. Now Push The Bike To its New Location Carefully.
  10. Remember, a peloton is an expensive stationary bike, and it is recommended to use a moving or shipping company to move your peloton bike from one place to another.

Removing the Peloton Bike Pedals (Bike & Bike+)

Essential Tool

  • 15 mm pedal wrench

Pedal Removal Procedure

  1. For Bike, max out resistance; for Bike+, have someone secure the resistance knob. This ensures crank arm stability.
  2. With your 15 mm wrench, turn the right pedal spindle counterclockwise to detach.
  3. Turn the left pedal spindle clockwise to remove.

Pedal Installation Tips Attention: Ensure you match the right (R) and left (L) pedals correctly during installation. Misalignment or incorrect threading may harm both the pedal and bike.

  1. Identify pedals using “L” and “R” labels. Position the ‘L’ pedal on the bike’s left and ‘R’ on the right.
  2. Align the right pedal to the right crank arm at 90°. Rotate its spindle clockwise until snug, then finalize with the 15 mm wrench for a secure fit.
  3. Similarly, align the left pedal with the left crank arm. Turn the spindle counterclockwise to hand-tighten, then firmly secure with your wrench. Always double-check for maximum tightness.

Relocating Your Peloton: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Peloton Bike and Bike+ come equipped with two front wheels for seamless transportation.

  1. Stand behind your Peloton.
  2. Firmly grasp the rear stabilizers using both hands.
  3. Gently lift the bike’s rear end, causing it to tilt onto its front wheels.
  4. With caution, push or pull your Peloton to the desired spot.
  5. For Peloton Bike users, ensure to reattach the touchscreen (Bike+ users can skip this step).

FAQs Regarding How to Move Peloton Bike 

Can a Peloton bike be moved easily?

To make transporting your Peloton Bike a snap, each model comes equipped with two wheels on the front stabilizers. As an extra precaution to prevent damage in case of any bumps along the way, be sure to remove and secure the touchscreen prior to ever lifting it off its spot!

Does Peloton have a freewheel?

The Peloton Bike offers riders the ultimate cycling experience. Its compact design and adjustable features ensure a personalized ride – with an easily accessible knob near handlebars to adjust resistance, a 17kg flywheel providing superior inertia, saddle and bar position adjusting without tools necessary – never worry about coasting thanks to its freewheel-free engineering!

How heavy is a Peloton bike?

Peloton Bike Peloton Bike weight
Total Weight of Peloton Bike135 lbs
Frame Weight of Peloton Bike125 lbs
Touchscreen Weight of Peloton Bike10 lbs
Ceiling Height Requirement8′

How to move Peloton bike upstairs?

  1. The seat and handlebars of the bike should be lowered to the lowest position.
  2.  The bike should then be wrapped for protection during transportation.
  3.  A moving harness is to be worn by the user before sliding a strap underneath their Peloton.
  4. The strap is then attached to the harness, allowing them to lift up their Peloton and move it upstairs with ease.
  5. Once in its destination, remove the moving harness from your body for safe storage away from children or pets.

How to transport Peloton in a car?

  1. The touchscreen, water bottle with holder, weight holders and pedals must be removed from the Peloton bike before transporting it.
  2. The transport wheels can be used to move the bike.
  3. Lift the Peloton by holding onto the back of seat post and then using transport wheels for support.

Will Peloton move my bike?

Moving your favorite exercise equipment doesn’t have to be a daunting task! Peloton experienced professionals will disassemble and reassemble it for you at an affordable cost – just $175 per step, plus a flat fee of merely $250 if needed within the house. Make physical activity convenient with thire relocation services today!

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