How To Put On Peloton Shoes And Clip Into Pedals? – [Simple 5 Steps]

So you have bought peloton shoes but don’t know how to put them on or clip in to start your workouts? For beginners, it can be frustrating to kick off things without any helpful information. Peloton shoes are different from typical indoor cycling shoes, and you should have proper knowledge before using them. Here is a useful guide on how to put in peloton shoes conveniently.

How To Put On Peloton Shoes? – An Ultimate Guide

Peloton shoes are specially made for spinning performance. Remember, the bike pedals have no clips, and they are compatible only with the SPD-SL and Look Delta design of shoes and cleats.

Let’s probe into the procedure of using peloton shoes.

Tips and Tricks to Putting on Peloton Shoes

Steps for Putting on Peleton ShoesDescription
Step# 1Assembling Peloton shoes and cleats: Trace the ball of your foot, place and secure the cleats using screws.
Step# 2Loosening the buckles or unstrapping the Velcro closure: Prepare the shoes for easy insertion of your foot.
Step# 3Put on the Peloton shoes: Slide your foot in gradually, ensuring it’s fully inside and balanced.
Step# 4Close or buckle up the shoes: Tighten the enclosure to your desired level of comfort.
Step# 5Clipping your Peloton shoes into your bike: Stand, point your toe down, fit the cleat into the pedal, and click in.

These steps provide guidance on how to properly put on and clip Peloton shoes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for your ride.

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Installing Peloton Shoe Cleats

  1. There are peloton shoes that are equipped with cleats like Tommaso pairs. However, most brands don’t have installed cleats. It would be best if you mounted cleats before putting on peloton shoes.
  2. There are three cleat plate holes at the forefront bottom of peloton shoes. Put cleats facing the front matching such spots. In other words, the line at the base of these cleat holes must match the line with the cleats. Make sure to read the guidelines on cleats to avoid any inconvenience.
  3. Put the washers on cleat holes followed by the screws. Take an Allen key of about 3mm and twist the screws inwards.
  4. Don’t tighten the screws at first but just screw in. Now tighten the screws properly.
  5. Make sure to tighten the cleats to prevent any issue during cycling or unclipping after peloton exercises.

Loosening The Buckle

  • Typically, peloton shoes have Velcro straps or a buckle closure system. Loosen the buckle if it is locked.
  • Press the buckle’s button to snap it open. Now loosen the buckle strap to the comfort point.

Putting On Peloton Shoes

  • Make sure to choose the best peloton socks for the best cycling results. Slide your foot in the peloton shoe. It is better to sit down before putting shoes on to maintain balance.
  • Make sure the foot settles on the insole properly. Your heel should not be hanging.

Buckle Up The Shoes

  • After settling in the peloton shoes, it’s time to buckle up. Pull the string through the loop and pull up the button. Now release it with some force. It will make a creaking sound.
  • The shoes should fit snugly. However, you should feel comfortable. If you feel that the opening of the shoes is too tight, you can loosen the strap once more, as in step two.

How To Clip in Peloton Shoes On Pedals?

How To Clip in Peloton Shoes On Pedals
  • If peloton shoes are not able to clip, here are three reasons for the issue.
  • Make sure the cleats have a circle shape. Remove the cleats and then try to clip them. If you are still unable to clip them, it is time to buy new cleats.
  • Loosen the screws on the pedals and try them out again.

How To Clip In Peloton Shoes To The Pedals?

  • After adjusting the cleats, it’s time to put on peloton shoes. However, clipping in shoes on the pedals can be complex for some users. Here is how to clip on peloton shoes to the pedals.
  • Before you hop onto the Peloton bike, place your legs apart on both sides of the bike and hold on to the handlebars.
  • Clip-in one foot and keep the other one on the ground. Ensure the pedal on which you are putting your foot is at the 6 o’clock position. This is the most convenient position to step in.
  • Now you can clip in your foot to the pedal. Lift the foot a little higher from the position as mentioned above. Point a toe towards placing the ball on the pedal.
  • Push the pedal with your foot downwards until you hear a creaking sound. In other words, it means that the cleats are clipped in perfectly. You can also apply some pressure to ensure a proper grip.
  • Apply the same process for your other foot. Make sure the pedal remains at the 12 o’clock position and another at the 6 o’clock position.

How To Adjust Peloton Shoes?

How To Adjust Peloton Shoes

Peloton shoes have Velcro straps and a buckle closure system. You have to tighten and loosen the buckle to adjust your peloton shoes.

How To Buckle And Tighten Peloton Shoes?

  • There are fastening buttons on each side of the peloton shoes. Find the button and keep it on.
  • Now slide the buckle strap into the loop and raise the button with slight pressure and release it.
  • If you want to tighten the buckle of your peloton shoes, pull the shoe button inwards and release it with some pressure.
  • Tighten the buckle to your comfort level. Make sure the buckle is neither too tight nor too loose.

How To Unbuckle And Loosen Peloton Shoes?

  • Unbuckling and loosening the peloton is a straightforward process.
  • You need to press the buckle button. It will flip open, and you can unbuckle the shoe. When you unbuckle the strap, the strap becomes loose.

Useful Tips To Put On Peloton Shoes

  • Now you have learned about putting on, adjusting, and clipping in your peloton shoes. Here are some useful tips to make the most out of your peloton shoes.
  • Before you start pedaling, make sure to check everything properly. If you don’t put on peloton shoes properly, it will result in knee, foot, and discomfort feelings.
  • Never keep the cleats too loose or tight. If the cleats are tight, you can face issues while unclipping shoes from pedals. The cleats may get damaged or break.
  • On the other hand, if the cleats are too loose, they will remain stuck on the pedals. You may need to apply some force to unscrew the pedals for unclipping the cleats.
  • Before you clip into the pedal, ensure that the cleats are adjusted to the right places.
  • Don’t clean your peloton shoes in the machine. Always use your hands to clean them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Wear Sneakers On My Peloton Bike?

You can wear sneakers on a peloton bike as the pedals are compatible with various toe cages such as peloton brand toe cages. Install these cages on the peloton bike for fun with your sneakers.

Do Peloton Shoes Have Cleats?

No, peloton shoes don’t come with cleats. You have to buy cleats for peloton shoes separately.

Should Peloton Shoes Be Too Tight Or Loose?

Your peloton shoes should be neither too tight nor too loose. They should be tight enough for proper fitting and loose enough to provide maximum comfort during pedaling.

How do you clip Peloton shoes in and out?

Clipping in:
Stand next to the bike with your dominant leg further away from the bike.
2. Position the pedal on your dominant side to the six o’clock position.
3. Hook the pedal facing up and point your toes down to fit your cleat into the opening.
4. Push down through your heel until it snaps into place with a click.
Clipping out:
Stand with your feet on the ground.
2. Kick your heel outwards with moderate force to unclip from the pedal.

Why is my Peloton shoe not clipping in?

Here are two of the most common reasons:
The cleats might not be aligned properly. Make sure that the cleats are centered on the shoe and that the screws are tight.
The tension on the pedals might be too tight. Loosen the tension on the pedals a bit and try again.

How do you clip spin shoes into pedals?

1. Stand next to the bike with your dominant leg further away from the bike.
2. Bring the pedal on your dominant side to the six o’clock position.
3. Hook the pedal facing up, point your toes down to fit your cleat into the opening, and push down through your heel until it snaps into place with a click.
4. Repeat steps 2-3 for the other foot.
5. To clip out, stand with your feet on the ground and kick your heel outwards with moderate force.

How do you attach cycling cleats?

To attach cycling cleats, you will need to prepare your shoes, choose the right cleats, mark the position of your cleats, drill the holes, insert the screws, tighten the screws, and replace the insoles. Make sure that the cleats are aligned properly and be careful not to overtighten the screws.

Where should your cleats be positioned?

The optimal position for your cleats depends on your individual anatomy and riding style. A good starting point is to have the cleats aligned with the ball of your foot and positioned so that your knee is slightly bent when your foot is in the pedal at the 3 o’clock position. You can then adjust the position as needed to find what feels most comfortable and efficient for you.


Putting on peloton shoes is not difficult at all. Just follow the right process mentioned above, and you will enjoy your favorite workouts on a peloton bike. Before you start pedaling, double-check everything to avoid any inconvenience. if you want to know more about shoes you can check our similar article Who Makes Peloton Shoes? – [Effective & Detailed Guide]

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