How to Share Peloton App? – Tips to add Multiple Users to Peloton App

If you are a regular user of the Peloton App, then you can share your app with your family. Learn how to share Peloton app features with others.

There are Peloton app multiple users in 2023. The app allows the users to learn about their peloton workout. The Peloton app provides numerous options, like choosing the selected workout class and looking over the history of the workout. The Peloton app can easily see all such options.

The Peloton app provides free access to all members. The members can register over the app and get a link to different app options. If you have a new member in your class, you can provide the app link to them to share the class information.

The article shows how to share the Peloton app with others. Some requirements and simple steps allow you to share the app with others.

How the Peloton App works?

how to share peloton app with family

To operate the Peloton app, you need to download the app on your smartphone or tablet. After downloading the app, the user has to register on the Peloton app to make a user profile. 

Once the user profile is made, the user can register with the class workout routine. You can enjoy the live workout class on your app.

Peloton App Sharing

You can share the Peloton app from your mobile. The Peloton app runs best on IOS, Android, and other streaming devices like Apple TV. 

The workouts can be streamed on such devices, and you can view your selected training. The app’s sharing can enable all the users to link with the selected workout. You can share the Peloton profile with one member. 

Steps for sharing the Peloton App

  • How to share the guest pass? Some steps can be followed for the sharing of the Peloton app.
  • The Peloton guest pass can be available to the user for sharing the app on Apple IOS, the web, Bike, and Bike+.
  • There is an option with the tag More Tab, and then there you can invite friends for an invitation.

Peloton Guest Pass:

There are peloton app multiple users. If you are using the app, you have seen an option with the Guess Pass name. 

The registered students can share a guest pass with their friends and family for about 60 days. The invitation allows the relatives to use the guest pass for 60 days. 

Before using the app, there are some essential requirements for sharing the app:

  • App member with full access
  • New members can redeem it
  • Not accessible by the Android apps

How many profiles can be created on a Peloton bike?

With an All-Access membership, a Peloton bike can support up to 20 individual profiles. This allows friends and family to tailor their fitness experience without interfering with your personal statistics.

However, the basic Peloton app membership, priced at $12.99, supports only a single profile. To benefit from multiple profiles and distinct fitness paths, the All-Access membership is essential.

Is it possible to share a Peloton membership?

Certainly! Here are ways to share a Peloton membership:

  1. Add multiple profiles to a single bike, enabling family members to use the same Peloton machine.
  2. Access your profile on a different bike, which is handy if you’re at a hotel with Peloton facilities.

Can one account be used on two Peloton bikes simultaneously?

A single account can only be active on one Peloton bike at any given moment. If there’s a need to operate two bikes concurrently, two separate memberships are required.

While the All-Access membership allows up to 20 profiles per account, only one bike can be in use at a time. If you’re planning to ride on a hotel’s Peloton bike, ensure no one is using your home bike simultaneously.

What’s the flexibility when sharing a Peloton All-Access membership across devices?

With an All-Access membership, you can simultaneously stream content on diverse devices. However, with the $12.99 Peloton App membership, this isn’t feasible. For instance, you can be cycling on your Peloton bike while another person is engaged in a HIIT class on TV.

Activities on the bike, treadmill, rower, or Peloton guide can overlap, but two identical devices (e.g., two bikes or two treadmills) can’t be used at the same time.

This membership is inclusive, covering bikes, treadmills, and rowers, allowing you to use any Peloton hardware, even if you only own one type.

Workouts on Peloton App

There are different workouts you can find on the app for your workout. You can select the required training and carry out your work. The exercises include the following activities:

  1. Cycling
  2. Walking
  3. Jumping
  4. Strength
  5. Cardio
  6. Yoga
  7. bootcamps

Such workouts are available on the Peloton app. You can get help with any class, its activities, and the class history. You can perform according to the selected action. 

There are structured classes that are designed for the peloton app members. If you have access through a shared peloton profile, you can access all the available features of the peloton app.

Subscription Options

how to add multiple users to peloton app

You can access the Peloton app anytime with just the right subscription. There are some specific subscription charges which are available for the yearly membership. 

Get access through the required package and get a subscription to the peloton app. The subscription charges for the members are $12.95. 

You can cancel the membership at any time if required. There are no deduction charges involved in the cancellation.

Peloton App Reviews

The digital app has a lot of reviews from customers regarding the peloton. Such a peloton app can help the user to review the class history and class activities. 

You can provide feedback regarding the class on the app. The app review helps to improve class performance and class activities. The class update depends on the Peloton app reviews.

The Peloton profile needs your reviews regarding its performance and workout details. After every workout, you can share your milestones and other ideas with the class members to have a detailed review of the class performance. 


FAQs Regarding Peloton App

Where can I share my Guest Pass?

You can share your guest pass with the app link. The app link can be sent to friends or family by email, text, or any other messaging platform.

Can I share the Peloton app link on Android phones?

No, the Peloton sharing app option is not available on Android phones. The app can never be shared on Android phones with the family.

My friend has already tried the Peloton App. Can I still send them a guest pass?

No, the guest pass is only available to first-time members. The member can share the Peloton app profile with the new members.

Can two households share a Peloton account?

Yes, if you possess a bike in each residence and ensure that there’s no simultaneous usage of the two bikes, both can operate under one Peloton subscription.

Can multiple people share a Peloton subscription?

Absolutely, Peloton allows for up to 20 users to share a single account concurrently. However, Peloton requires that all members accessing the account reside at the same address.

How many family members can share a Peloton account?

A Peloton account can accommodate multiple family member profiles, allowing each person to track their own workouts and progress. While there’s no strict limit on the number of profiles you can create, all members using that account should reside at the same address as per Peloton’s terms of use.


The whole discussion concludes that the peloton app provides the best workout solutions to its members. How to share the peloton app is the next step after having the membership with the peloton app. 

If you have the peloton profile, you can have access to all the workouts included in the peloton profile. You can also share the peloton profile with one member to allow access to all the peloton app workouts.

You might have learned a lot regarding the peloton app features. The features provide a lot of information regarding sharing workout details.

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