Is Peloton Safe For Kids? (For Parents Read This First)

Peloton bikes are quite amazing and almost everyone who rides them first falls in love with them. However, the question arises, “Is peloton safe for kids?”

Peloton is safe for kids as the company has now introduced a family version of peloton bikes. However, it isn’t completely safe for kids younger than 3 years. Therefore, one must be very careful with that if using one for children.

Having that said, there’s a lot more to learn and explore when it comes to knowing the safety of peloton bikes for kids. If you are interested in learning all this, keep on reading! Because in this article we’ve explained the safety of peloton kids and the conditions which make it safe for kids.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Is Peloton Safe For Kids?

Yes, peloton bikes are safe for kids. This can even be verified by their own brand’s website where they have actually mentioned that they have introduced peloton bikes for kids with their products.

However, before anyone buys any bike for their child, he/she should know how to properly use it. Peloton bikes also need proper maintenance, like any other bike model. So it is important to maintain it properly for your kid to be able to use it safely as well.

How Safe Is Peloton For Kids Age Groups?

How Safe Is Peloton For Kids' Age Groups

This is probably one of the most common questions people ask about Peloton bikes. The fact is that due to its popularity, every manufacturer will try hard to lure in new customers with the introduction of different types of peloton bikes within their lines.

But unfortunately, many models may not be approved for certain age groups. These are mainly for children. However, some manufacturers have made an effort to introduce models specifically designed for kids or toddlers.

But the truth is that not all manufacturers offer such models. Thus, one must do his/her research online before buying a Peloton bike for kids.

What Should One Look At When Purchasing A Peloton Bike For Kiddos?

The following things play a crucial role in determining whether the bike is appropriate for children:

The Type of Bike

All the components used in the bike must be checked out to determine whether they’re suitable for children. Such things include brakes, gears, handlebars, seats, etc. Usually, companies specify the minimum age requirement for each component. But sometimes, they don’t, so one needs to be extremely careful when checking these items out.

Weight Limit of  The Bike

One must check whether the weight limit of the bike is above or below what a toddler can stand on. Although not always true, most companies specify whether a particular model of the bike is recommended for children or adults. If it doesn’t, one must understand why.

Safety Features

Of course, no bike should ever be bought without first checking if it has any safety features. Some of them include anti-theft systems, brake guards, etc. It is best to go through reviews online to see what others are saying regarding such features.

Overall Quality

Most of the time, Peloton bikes come with a warranty period that covers manufacturing defects. Therefore, one should buy from reputable sellers rather than those who sell cheap brands and products. Apart from that, one should purchase an item that suits his/her budget since one shouldn’t expect high quality at affordable prices.

The Speed

Peloton bikes for kids are great because they allow your little ones to experience the exhilarating feeling of riding a real bicycle. They provide a great amount of fun for kids!

So, the next time you want to get your hands on a Peloton bike for children, make sure to look into the above points before doing so. Otherwise, you’ll just end up wasting money.

Its Frame Height

The next thing that you need to check is the frame height. Most times, the frame height differs from one kid to another. And this is especially true for babies and toddlers. If possible, visit a store to measure your child’s neck size.

By doing so, you will know the exact height of your child’s back wheel and saddle seat. Based on this information, you can choose the right Peloton bike for your kid.

However, keep in mind that no matter how tall or short your child is, he/she still needs to ride safely. So, even if you think that your kid won’t reach the pedals of the bike, never buy a machine that would pose any harm to him/her. This includes falling off from the pedals or hitting its head against the ground.

As mentioned earlier, many parents feel uneasy while buying a Peloton bike for their kids. In reality, however, there are some models that have been made specifically for children.

If you’re going to buy an exercise bike for girls or boys, then you might want to pay attention to these points.

They help ensure that your bike will be suitable for your kid. You should look at their age when determining what kind of bike suits them better. In case the child is older than 6 years old, then you’ll definitely need a bike with a higher frame and bigger size.

Remember that you cannot put the pedal forward just because your kid wants to start pedaling right away. It’s best if you encourage him/her to build up strength before putting them on a stationary bike. That way, they don’t risk hurting themselves while trying to push the pedals down.

How To Properly Use An Exercise Bike For Kids?

Now that we’ve discussed the safety of peloton bikes for kids, now it’s time to discuss ways to use them correctly. There aren’t really too many tips here since almost everyone knows the basics.

You might want to read our guide on How To Avoid Injury From Cycling And Other Exercises.

  • Set the proper distance between your kid’s seat and the pedal so they won’t hit their legs against it while riding.
  • Adjust the brakes according to the height of your kid’s feet so they won’t slip off easily.
  • Make sure the seat doesn’t tilt back; this can cause a lot of injuries for young kids who aren’t yet used to exercising with a bike.

FAQs Regarding Peloton Bike

Can Kids Use Peloton Equipment?

Kids under 14 are not allowed to use the Peloton bike. Some beginner classes and outdoor tread classes are child-friendly. All yoga and meditation classes are suitable for kids.

Can You Access Family Class on the Digital App?

Yes, family classes are available for both Unlimited Subscription and Digital App users. You can stream Peloton on TV for better viewing.

Why Peloton is Not Safe for Kids Under 3 Years?

1. Kids under three should not be near Peloton equipment due to potential hazards.
2. Lock the bike or remove the safety key to prevent accidents.
3. Always supervise kids during workouts.
4. Use on-demand classes to preview content before kids watch.

What are the Tips for Family Classes on Peloton?

1. Use the largest screen available for easy visibility.
2. Clear furniture to create more space during family workouts.
3. Monitor participating children closely to ensure safe exercise.
4. Do not create a separate kid’s Peloton account, use an adult’s account instead.
5. Consider kids’ health conditions and consult their physician before workouts.

How to Find Peloton Family Workout Classes?

Use the Peloton app to find family classes. Utilize the search button to locate specific classes like “Fit Family Flow: Kids.”

What are the Peloton Classes for Kids / Family Classes?

Peloton offers yoga, strength, and cardio classes for families, involving both kids and adults. Family-friendly classes include Fit Family Flow Yoga, Family Cardio, Family Meditations, and Family Strength.

How to Keep Peloton Tread Safe from Kids?

1. Keep the safety code secret to prevent unauthorized treadmill use.
2. Always remove the safety key when the treadmill is not in use.
3. Avoid competitive running with kids on the treadmill.
4. Lock the treadmill room whenever possible to ensure safety.

Is Peloton Bike Safe for Kids?

The Peloton bike has age limitations, recommending use for kids who are 14 years and above. Some parents allow younger kids on the bike, but under very close supervision. Age and size requirements for Peloton bike use: 14 years and above in age, 105 lbs to 300 lbs body weight, and 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 4 inches body height. Kid-friendly Peloton rides include scenic rides and low-impact beginner rides.

Best Peloton Rides for Growing Kids

20 min beginner ride with Denis Morton
15 min beginner ride with Hannah Corbin
20 min beginner ride with Matt Wilpers
Any scenic ride

Best Peloton Instructors for Growing Kids

Tips for Riding for Growing Kids

Ensure close adult supervision for kids riding the Peloton bike.
Invest in Peloton toe cages for regular shoes.
Dress kids in sports clothes for flexibility and injury prevention.
Choose beginner classes or scenic rides for a softer experience.

How to Keep Peloton Bike Safe from Kids?

Keep the bike close to the wall and lock it if possible to prevent falling or damage. Check the bike for debris between parts. Keep younger kids away from the bike during workouts. Lock the home bike studio when not in use.

Alternative Bike to Peloton for Kids

Little Tikes Pelican stationary bike is a safe and fun alternative for young kids.

Is Peloton Treadmill Safe for Kids?

The Peloton treadmill is not safe for young kids due to potential accidents and injuries. Some parents allow kids who are at least ten years old to run on the treadmill under close supervision. Peloton Tread age and size requirements: 16 years old and above, 4’11” to 6’4″ in height.

Final Words

So is peloton safe for kids? The answer to this question is yes, the peloton is safe for kids but make sure that the kid is 6 year or above. If your child is younger than 6 years age then there is a risk of getting an injury that no parents on the earth would want.

Besides that, there are some important points that you need to look for when it comes to buying peloton bike for your young ones.

First of all, consider the age of your kid. Don’t go by the date written on the tag as that means nothing. Make sure that the model has passed the test approved by FDA or other similar government agencies.

Next, make sure that the bike is appropriate for your kid’s weight and height.

Lastly, make sure that the handlebars of the bike is adjustable so that you can change its position according to his/her height and age.

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