Is Peloton Coming Out With A Cheaper Treadmill? – Peloton Tread vs Tread+

There is hype created in the market after hearing the new and cheaper version of the Peloton tread. So if you had this question in your mind that is Peloton coming out with a cheaper treadmill, so the answer is yes!

Yes, The Peloton Is Coming Up With The Latest Version With Incredible Features In It, Including A Larger Screen. And the best part? You will have the latest features and some of the similar features to tread +. Let us end the suspense and tell you that the Tread will have a much brighter and more readable display, and it is larger than the Tread Plus. You will see more details about the cheaper Peloton treadmill review below. Read on!

Is Peloton Coming Out With A Cheaper Treadmill With Same Features?

The Peloton tread is quite cheap than the Tread Plus. You can buy the peloton tread for just $2495, and it is coming out on May 27th. In fact, the new peloton that is coming out is smaller than the Tread Plus. Still, the smaller and cheaper tread has new features as well. You will have the peloton tread available right now in the US. However, the other states will be able to get the new peloton tread after 2 months approximately.

Peloton Coming Out With A Cheaper Treadmill

Peloton’s Evolution:

  • Peloton capitalized on the cycling craze in 2013 with the Peloton Bike.
  • Expanded their product range in 2018 with the Peloton Tread.
  • In 2020, Peloton rebranded the original Tread to Tread+ and introduced a more basic version called the Tread.

Peloton Tread Vs Tread Plus


Let’s compare the two peloton treadmills that include the tread and tread +. These two treads of the peloton have incredible features, and you will have an enjoyable workout time. However, if you have a low budget, you can purchase the older version of the Peloton tread.

Apart from that, the Peloton Tread + is the ideal option for those who have an extra budget. The major difference between the peloton tread and tread + is the screen size and the power due to motor capacity.

The tread+ is composed of extra power, and it works more smoothly while spinning. Besides, you will have a similar usage system in the tread and tread plus of Peloton.

Other than that, you will have the peloton tread and tread plus with the same functioning, and they have the virtual classes options as well. You will get a built-in touchscreen. However, the latest version of peloton tread has a bigger and brighter screen.

Also, it comes with impressive speakers, and you will have the easiest option to follow the non-bike workouts. The workouts will include yoga as well as strength training.

Peloton Tread vs. Peloton Tread+

Feature/SpecificationPeloton TreadPeloton Tread+
PriceAround $3,495Around $4,300
Running Belt Size59” L x 20” W67” L x 20” W
Display23.8-inch HD touchscreen32-inch HD touchscreen
Speed Range0 to 12.5 MPH0 to 12.5 MPH
Incline0 to 12.5%0 to 15%
Warranty5-year frame, 3-year motor and belt, 1-year touchscreen and components5-year frame, motor, and belt, 1-year touchscreen and components
Jump ButtonsYesYes
Running SurfaceNylon and PVC beltRubber and aluminum slat belt
CompatibilityPeloton All-Access ($44/month) and Apple WatchPeloton All-Access ($44/month) and Apple Watch
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesYes
Footprint68” L x 33” W x 62” H72.5″ L x 36.5″ W x 72″ H

Key Similarities between Peloton Tread vs Tread Plus:

  • Same Peloton programming
  • Same speed range
  • Same frame warranty
  • Both have Bluetooth connectivity
  • Both part of a voluntary recall

Important Differences between Peloton Tread vs Peloton Tread+:

  • Availability
  • Incline options
  • Price
  • Running space
  • Belt material

Upgrades In The Peloton Tread

The bike plus is having the option of Apple gym kit integration, and you can easily log in to the workout plans. However, you will not have this feature in the peloton tread.

You will have the peloton with a large touchscreen that is 23.8 inches, and you will be able to rotate the touchscreen as well. Besides, the rotatable feature is not present in the tread plus. Therefore, you will have the peloton tread with greater visibility.

And the good news? You will have the peloton tread with the swapped design, and it has the slatted belt as well. It comes with the most amazing continuous belt loop and great mobility. You will have a bit smaller tread, and you can easily manage to replace the front shroud design.

And that’s not all, you will get the peloton tread with the premium design, and the foot pedals are great as well. It comes with an amazing functioning and less noisy operation. You will have the smoothest riding experience on the peloton tread.

Prices of Peloton

Now we are going to compare the prices of the peloton. For instance, you will have the higher prices of older models with the same features that peloton tread is offering. Isn’t that amazing?

You will have a huge price difference as well. Apart from that, you have to pay for the subscription of live classes as well as the peloton which will cost $39 every month.

  • The new Peloton tread coming soon in 2021 has a price tag of $2495.
  • The Peloton tread plus has a price tag of $4295.
  • Peloton Bike Plus has a price tag of $2495.
  • First the original Peloton bike plus has a price tag of $1895.

Now you can decide your budget and invest in the peloton that will be the ideal option for you. Also, you have to buy a peloton that offers the right specs as per your workout routine. If you are a beginner spin class user, then you should invest in the oldest peloton which is $1895, or you can wait for the new peloton tread to come out until then.

On the other side, you can invest in the high-budget peloton variants if you need to get the most advanced features. As well, all versions of the peloton have incredible features.

Peloton Tread Announcement

The peloton tread is coming out in May but only for the US residents. Suppose you are living in any other state, then you will have a delay in getting the order. The new treadmill is much affordable than the peloton tread, plus it comes with similar features.

On the other side, you will have the tread is now available in Canada as well as the UK. You will have a slightly smaller frame of the peloton tread of 59 inches of running space.

However, the tread plus peloton has a running space of 67 inches. Additionally, you will have a bright touchscreen, and it weighs less as compared to the Peloton Plus.

New Features of The Peloton Tread

An amazing feature of the peloton tread is the shock-absorbing belt that is also present in the tread +. You will have the new version of the running belt with better material.

In addition, you will have the peloton treadmill with a lower inclining capacity of 12.5 percent. The inclining of the tread + is 15 percent. And that’s not all; you will have the free mode in the peloton that the users can have for pushing the belt by their own selves.

Additionally, you will have the simplest option for activating the set of all muscles. Apart from that, you will have the inclining gradient, the same speed as the peloton tread has, and the warranty period of 12 months. On the other side, you will have the tread peloton with all the similar features that peloton bike and tread plus offered before.

Nonetheless, you have to get the monthly subscription package for having access to fitness classes. You will have plenty of new features in the peloton bike tread and instructors of your choice as well.

Peloton Bike Sales

The peloton bike sales were increased in 2020. Many people now prefer to work out while staying at home and in their comfort zone. You will have peloton sales with the rise of 1 billion in total revenue as compared to 2018.

Also, the subscribers of the peloton bike were increased up to 134 percent. The previous peloton bike users were not subscribed. Now you will find the peloton users with subscriptions to avail themselves the most of the workout session and get engaged with the online community.

However, there are some issues faced by the peloton company in delivering the peloton bikes on time. The customers kept on waiting for months to get the Peloton bike on their doorstep. Due to the pandemic, the orders were blocked in several areas.

Apart from that, the CEO of the peloton company, john Foley said that the manufacturing of 10 million peloton bikes had been started in the US to prevent the order delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better Peloton or Peloton Tread?

The peloton is a famous coming of making spin bikes and treadmills. However, you have to choose the peloton bike as per your budget and the features you need. Also, the peloton comes with incredible functioning no matter you choose the bike plus or the latest tread. Well, we recommend buying the peloton tread because it has the latest features and affordable price tag than other peloton variants.

What is the Major Difference Between the Peloton Tread or Tread Plus?

The major difference between the peloton tread and tread plus is the size. You will have the tread in a smaller size. However, the screen size of the tread is larger than the other versions of the peloton. In addition, you will love riding the tread and tread plus because both have live class sessions and other amazing features to offer.

What Is The Peloton Tread Release Date?

The release date of the peloton tread is May 27th. However, the peloton treadmill UK will come after a couple of weeks. If you are living in the US then you can get the peloton tread in May.

Do I Have To Get The Subscription Of The Peloton Bike Tread For Having The Live Class Sessions?

Yes, you have to get a subscription of the Peloton bike tread to have the live class sessions.

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