Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Working [Troubleshooting Tips]

One of the most significant additions to improve the overall peloton experience is the peloton heart rate monitor. Whether you want to track the heartbeat rate or the number of calories burned during a workout session, a Peloton heart rate monitor has everything for you.

Just like other equipment, the heart rate monitor may not work properly and cause issues. What to do when your Peloton heart monitor is not working? Let’s find out why Peloton heart rate monitors stop working and how to troubleshoot it.

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Working – Common Issues And Solutions

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Working

When a heart rate monitor for the peloton is not working, it means the electrodes are not wet. Put your fingers under the water and swipe water onto each of the electrodes. It will start blue flashing on the monitor and indicate that the monitor is ready to connect.

Heart Rate Band Troubleshooting

Some common problems that peloton users may experience with heart rate monitors are the following.

  • Connection dropping mid-workout
  • Incorrect heart rate readings
  • No light appears on the device
  • Unsuccessful pairing

If you are facing such issues, make sure to consider the following factors when troubleshooting the heart rate band.

Band Placement

Make sure the heart rate pod is correctly snapped into the Armband. A sensor on the heart rate pod’s bottom should be on the particular side as the stripes on the Armband.

Ensure that you are wearing the band correctly on the forearm. Remember, you’re the band should have three fingers width away from the elbow. The pod must be placed on the inside of your forearm.

Commonly, body tattoos and device positioning impacts the reliability and accuracy of the heart rate reading. Make sure the pod is flat and placed properly on an area of your skin that doesn’t have any fabric and tattoos to enjoy accurate reading.


The battery of your heart rate band should be fully charged. If you want to confirm, firmly press the display to check the battery level, which appears as a range of white lights depending on the battery charge.

If the battery of your heart rate band is low, place it on the Pod charger. You can also check the battery status in App Settings> Heart Rate Monitor.


When you are pairing the heart rate monitor, make sure to stay close to the peloton bike. It is recommended to keep the heart rate band within 30 feet of the phone or device for pairing and use.

If the band display is dark, press firmly to wake the screen. It will show you a battery level followed by a blue light which means it is in pairing mode.

When you check the rainbow/multicolor lights on a heart rate band, it means you have paired the device successfully.If the heart rate monitor is paired before, it should connect automatically.

If you have manually disconnected or paired the heart rate band for the first time, the device will prompt you to accept the connection.If the problems still exist with the heart rate band, following instructions may help you.

Power Cycle

Press and hold the display for at least five seconds to power off the heart rate monitor. A minor vibration will occur prior to the device turning off. When it is completely off, press the display again to power and restart the device.

Resetting Device

  • Hold the display for about 20 seconds. You will feel three vibrations prior to the monitor resetting.
  • More issue with heart rate monitor working

If you are still unable to understand why the peloton monitor is not working properly, here are the possible causes and their solutions. No light when you touch or wear the heart rate monitor It means that the monitor battery may be dead. You should replace the battery.

You may need screws to get to the battery compartment, whereas you will need a hard object for snapping off the compartment. Replace the monitor battery and return the compartment where it belongs. Put the device back, and the lights should be back with a single touch.

Heart Rate Monitor Not Connecting?

Heart Rate Monitor Not Connecting

If your heart rate monitor is not connecting, but the light is visible, you need to refresh the Bluetooth of the touchscreen. Reconnect the device, and it will immediately solve the connectivity issue.

Still Not Connecting?

If the problem still exists, make sure the peloton bike or heart rate monitor is not connected to any other device. If you have connected your phone or other apps, it is essential to disconnect and then reconnect to the peloton.

What if My Peloton Heart Rate is Not Showing?

Unpair Other Devices

If you have connected your peloton bike with any other Bluetooth device, it is not possible to connect the heart rate monitor to it. Make sure you are using the monitor for the bike and not for any other device at the time.

Prevent Electromagnetic Disturbances

If the peloton bike is located close to the electric security gates, cellular phone, or a TV that is on, it can cause false readings and may provide incorrect data. It is essential to avoid such situations and place your bike away from any equipment having electromagnetic components.

What if  The Peloton Heart Rate Monitor is Not Working After Replacing The Battery?

You have replaced the battery of your peloton bike heart rate monitor, but it is still not working; you can try to turn the bike on and off, switch Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth. If the problem still exists, you can contact the customer service of the peloton support team and discuss the problem.

How To Clear The Cache on Your Peloton Bike?

Power off The Touchscreen

  1. Press the power button to turn off the touchscreen. A notification with the “Shut Down” option will appear on the screen.
  2. Hold the power button and volume up button together
  3. It will help to reboot the bike system into recovery mode.
  4. Wide cache partition

Use the volume buttons to select the Wipe Cache Partition.

Reboot The System

When the partition is completed, press the reboot system now icon to reboot.

Why is The Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Showing The Correct Heart Rate?

Why is the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Showing The Correct Heart Rate?

What are the reasons for the malfunctioning of my Peloton heart rate monitor?

One common issue is that sometimes a heart rate monitor works but doesn’t provide the correct heart rate metric. Here is how you can deal with the issue.

Your Peloton heart rate monitor may not provide accurate readings because the strap doesn’t fit snugly into your skin, the battery sensor is running slow, or you are facing electromagnetic disturbances.

Having the chest rate placed in the wrong place, too loose, or not conducting proper signal to the receiver may lead to abnormal readings.

Are you experiencing issues with your Peloton heart rate monitor? Here are some of the most common reasons why it may be malfunctioning, and what you can do to fix it:

  1. Battery Problems: If your Peloton heart rate monitor is not turning on, the battery may be dead or need to be replaced.
  2. Water Damage: Exposure to water or excessive sweat can cause your Peloton heart rate monitor to malfunction. Be sure to keep it dry and clean after each use.
  3. Cable Problems: Check the cables connecting your heart rate monitor to your Peloton bike for any damage or looseness.
  4. Software Problems: Software updates or glitches in the Peloton bike’s system can also affect the performance of your heart rate monitor.
  5. Hardware Malfunction: Physical damage or defects in the hardware of the heart rate monitor can cause it to stop functioning.
  6. Heart Rate Monitor Stopped Working Suddenly: Bluetooth connectivity issues can cause your heart rate monitor to stop working without warning.
  7. A Slack Chest Strap: Ensure that the chest strap is properly snug but not too tight to accurately measure your heart rate.
  8. Improper Positioning of the Electrode: Make sure the electrodes are placed correctly to ensure accurate heart rate readings.
  9. Dry Sensors Making Skin Contact: Keep your skin moisturized as dry sensors may produce inaccurate results.

Don’t let a malfunctioning heart rate monitor ruin your Peloton experience. With these troubleshooting tips, you’ll be back on track to achieving your fitness goals in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Turn on The Peloton Heart Rate Monitor?

Navigate to the heart rate monitor connection modal. It is easy to find the modal by tapping on the time or by joining the class and selecting a heart rate monitor. Now choose the Connect button present next to the heart rate monitor.

What Type of Battery Does a Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Use?

The heart rate monitor has a 3V lithium battery model with the number of CR2032.

How To Reset a Heart Rate Monitor?

If you want to reset your heart rate monitor, here is a full procedure.

    • Remove the battery from the monitor.
    • Now press the metal snap for at least 10 seconds.
    • Make sure to wait for 30 seconds before putting the battery back in the peloton heart rate monitor.

Final Words

Issues with a peloton heart rate monitor may occur at any point. They may be flaking out and dropping out simultaneously during workout sessions.

Commonly, the problems are related to low battery life, poor conductivity, or just usual wear and tear. If you are still unable to solve the issue of your peloton heart rate monitor, it is recommended to contact member support at 1-866-679-9129.

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