Peloton High Five Not Working? – Easy Methods To Correct It

In a few weeks, several peloton customers have started complaining about peloton high five not working. However, the peloton users said they could send high fives, but they are not receiving them. It is quite possible that you have changed the settings on the peloton, due to which you are not getting any high five.

Besides, the peloton high five etiquettes is that you should send it when you want to interact with anyone. Moreover, the instructors of peloton send high fives when they want to appreciate any peloton user for their performance after seeing the leaderboard. However, to block the distraction from the high fives, you can turn it off.

When the peloton members contacted the customer support of peloton, they said that it would be fixed with the latest update. However, there are some alternative solutions that you can try on your tablet. Plus, you have to use the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue until the peloton support fixes it.

So let’s find out how you can solve it!

Why Is My Peloton High Five Not Working?

Below is the peloton troubleshooting that will surely resolve why peloton high five is not working.


You can use the hard reset option for the peloton to resolve the issue of not receiving the high fives. You have to unplug the cord from the peloton’s power and turn off the touchscreen. After unplugging the cord, you have to plug out all the bottom back connections of the peloton. Once the peloton is kept off for several minutes, you can re-connect the peloton’s cord and check if the high fives are sending or receiving.


If the trick does not work, then you have to clear out all the cache. You have to follow all the steps of clearing the data from your peloton. Next up, you have to check if the instructions are followed correctly or not. Ensure that you reach the support of the peloton if the issue is still there.


Here we’ll tell you how to clear the peloton cache.

  1. You have to tap on the WiFi option and choose the option of HD touchscreen. From the settings, you have to go on the dropdown menu.
  2. Also, you will have a whole menu selection for the applications.
  3. You can easily force stop the application of the peloton by going to the storage and clearing all the cache.
  4. Now turn off the HD touchscreen and click on the power button. You have to turn the power button back on, and you will probably not have any issue now.


There is an alternative method that you can use for clearing the peloton cache.

  1. Turn off the screen of the peloton and choose the shutdown option.
  2. Now you have to shut down the screen entirely by pressing the volume power up button, and the logo will disappear, and the touchscreen will go in recovery mode.
  3. You can also use the navigation buttons to have some partition between the cache and use the power button option to select them.
  4. You have to clear the partition once the system reboots completely.
  5. Now you can plug out the peloton and restart the whole machine. Surely, you will be able to resolve the issues in this method.

On the other side, you can contact the peloton support for minor issues with the peloton bike.

How To Send A High Five To Other Peloton Users?

You can send a high five to other peloton users to cheer them up. You will have the option of a high five besides the leaderboard. In addition, you will have an option to send high fives and cheer up other people. Plus, you can send a notification to others by clicking on the bottom corner of the peloton screen. Now you can return by clicking on the feed of notifications area.

How To Send A High Five To Other Peloton Users

Not only that, you can choose the on-demand ride option to filter the leaderboard and choose the option of here no. You will have the option of clicking on the user name of a single person of peloton user and send high fives to them, but only one high five will be sent at one time in a minute.

However, the high five feature is only available on the iOS application and peloton’s touchscreen.

Wondering how to see high fives on peloton? You can check the notification menu from your ID of the peloton.

How To Turn on A Peloton Bike?

If you have bought a peloton for the first time, then let us tell you this section is important to read! You will have a button on the back of the peloton screen that you have to use to turn it on. Now you have to find the section button on the peloton.

How To Turn On A Peloton Bike

For instance, the peloton will have a button on the back of the tablet. You will have a gray or orange peloton button that you can check. The color of the button will depend on the age of the peloton’s bike.

You can hold down the button until the screen is turned on, and you will have the simplest option to turn on the peloton bike. The screen will turn on, and you are all set to use it.

Are Our High Fives Important?

Yes, the high fives are essential, and you will have the best option to cheer up others and yourself by receiving them. Let’s get to know what are the other important aspects to receive of getting high fives?

Make Your Workouts More Socially Interactive

You will have more social workouts by connecting with others. For instance, you will have an option to send and receive high fives from anyone. And the best thing? The high fives will be making the bond between the two peloton users easier.

High Fives Can Help You Push Through Hard Intervals

You can easily push out others through the hard intervals. In addition, you can help others to complete the daily miles. You will see the peloton members completing the daily goals after receiving a symbol of motivation from the other users or the peloton instructors. And that’s not all; you will have high fives as the best thing to make the workout level even more intense.


Why Can’t I Receive The High Fives On Peloton?

If you cannot receive the high fives on the peloton, try this method: You have to wait for some minutes after turning off the bike. Now you have to reset the peloton bike and choose the option of clearing cache.

In fact, you will have the simplest option to reset the bike by the hard reset that we told you above in our guide. Other than that, you have to turn off the cable for a few minutes and then turn it back on to check if the issue still persists or not.

How Do The High Fives Work On Peloton?

The high five on the peloton will work once you send it to anyone or receive it from someone. Besides, you can easily tap on the screen of the peloton user’s ID.

Now you have to check if the end of the peloton screen has an option of a high five on it. You can send the high fives from the screen of that person who is doing the same workout as you are doing.

How To Reset The Peloton Bike?

The factory reset option will be solving all the issues on your screen. For instance, you will have a solution of the no command on screen, hold the power button, tap on to the volume button, or release the power button.

You can easily wipe up all the factory reset data, or you can use the power button to remove the selection from it. Further, you can choose the yes delete all user data option from the peloton reset. This will perform the complete reset on your device.

How Can Someone Send High Fives On Your Peloton?

You can send high fives on your peloton easily to others who are doing the same workout as you are doing. Further, you will have an option of receiving more than one high five in a minute to the same person. Therefore, there will be no distraction with the high fives while working out.

How do you initiate a high five on Peloton?

To initiate a high five on Peloton, show support for fellow users on the leaderboard by tapping their username and sending virtual encouragement for their progress. Spread positivity and motivation!

Why is my Peloton not picking up stats?

Having trouble with your Peloton not registering stats? Ensure a smooth experience by checking if the resistance changes on the touchscreen when adjusting the resistance knob. If issues persist, try fully unplugging both cables for a potential solution.

Why is my Peloton Tread touchscreen not working?

If it’s not turning on, a potential cause might be a loose connection.

How do I reset my Peloton cache?

To reset your Peloton cache, follow these simple steps:

    1. Open your Peloton app and tap the three dots in the bottom right corner.
    2. Choose “Bluetooth” from the options.
    3. Now, navigate back to the Peloton app.
    4. Select “Storage” and proceed to “Clear Cache”.

By following these steps, you can easily reset your Peloton cache and optimize your app’s performance.


All In All

Hopefully, we have solved your issue of peloton high five not working. Further, you got more knowledge on how to solve several issues on your Peloton bike or tread. You got to know if the peloton is worth buying or not.

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