Selena Samuela Peloton Instructor – [Outstanding Biography]

Can one person be everything? No, that’s impossible! But in the case of Selena Samuela, it is true. She has lived many lives, she says.

She is passionate about surfing, she is so much into boxing, she is an instructor at Peloton, she has read plenty of books, she has given auditions in Hollywood, she knows four languages and much more. Let’s take a deep dive into the life of Selena Samuela to explore how incredible she is.

Selena Samuela Instructor

Selena Samuela Peloton Instructor

Selena Samuela is of Italian and Hawaiian origin. She belongs to northern Italy but later on moved to Hawaii for studies. Her family is pro at soccer.

However, when she moved to Hawaii she knew that the flower of surfing within her was ready to bloom. Along with surfing, she gave a try to boxing as she says that she always wanted to be physically fit.

She says that something was poking inside me and pushed me to give a chance to Hollywood. To pursue this she left the school and went to New York to attend classes at the prestigious Stella Adler Studio of Acting, and here she met her first love that changed her life.

Selena Samuela Biography

  • Selena Samuela is a fitness instructor and Peloton instructor.
  • She grew up in California and played college basketball at the University of San Francisco.
  • After college, Selena pursued a career in fitness, becoming a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.
  • She joined Peloton in 2018 as a cycling and strength instructor, and has since expanded her teaching to include running and bootcamp classes as well.
  • Selena is known for her energetic and motivational teaching style, as well as her emphasis on inclusivity and body positivity.
  • In 2021, she and her husband Matt Virtue welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Torin.
Born Italy
Nationality American
Occupation Fitness instructor
Employer Peloton Interactive, Inc.
Partner Matt Virtue


Sometimes success demands struggle, and Selena paid for her success. As we all have faced some breakdown once in our life, the point where our life changes, the same happened with Selena Samuela in 2014. She met the love of her win her early 20s till the mid-20s.

We all know what the first love feels like. She was so impressed by him because he used to speak six languages, whereas Selena knew four.

It was all magical but she revealed that Lexi was facing severe mental illness and had an addiction problem as well. She tried her best to take care of his emotional state but as they were both young she started to lose herself in all this process.

But one day a call changed her life. A call from the rehab center gave the news to her about her boyfriend’s death. She did not know what to do and was questioning God why He did this?!

She spent almost a year questioning God and after 12 months, one day she woke up and promised herself not to be in this gloomy place anymore.

New Beginning

We all need a ray of sunshine to get out of gloomy days and Selena Samuela found it in fitness. She promised herself not to get dull anymore or grief over the loss and tried her best to recenter her life.

With complete devotion, she succeeded in her effort. Selena went to Hawaii with a friend and set a routine of surfing and reading books. She had read all the books she could and found both these hobbies as meditation.

She returned to New York as a changed person. Selena started a dog walking business, she says she loves pets and she found it as a hobby. She walked into Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn for fight training and ended up as an amateur boxer.

She says this was only for validation, I was giving to myself, that I can do the tough stuff. She started working in a boutique fitness studio. Selena found this as a major life-turning profession for herself and got recruited in Peloton.

Falling In Love

Falling In Love

Selena tells with so much joy that she found love again. She says before I met tech CEO Matt Virtue in 2018, I didn’t know I could love again.

But he opened the doors of happiness for me. She also says that before falling in love with someone you should fall in love with yourself. Before letting someone in, find yourself so that you don’t get muddled in the middle of the journey.


Selene says that there are three strategies to get back to life. Everyone faces grief now and then but keep yourself on track with the three major strategies. These are finding your roots, making a move, and trying something new.

Find your roots again: She says find out what once made you happy. Find out your hobby or anything that made you happy once.

Make a move: You might not be into taking a walk or going out for jogging, but Selena says that one should at least give it a try once with a friend or instructor.

Trying something new: Never have a fear of trying something new and especially when you really want to try it. The only thing that can stop you is you.


Is Selena Samuela Still Peloton Instructor?

Selena is an Italian American coach who still works at Peleton and teaches members with motivation and encourages them a lot.

What Did Selena Samuela Do Before Peloton?

She used to surf and read a lot of books. She also went to acting school but maintaining physical fitness changed her life once and for all.

How Much Do Peloton Instructors Get Paid?

Peloton or any other company does not disclose salaries but it is thought that for each class they pay $500 to $750 per class.

Did Selena Samuela from Peloton have her baby?

Selena and her husband, Matt Virtue, who is a tech CEO, have welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Torin.

Is Selena Samuela still a Peloton instructor?

Yes, she currently teaches live on-camera classes for Peloton, including strength, running, and boot camp classes.


Selena Samuela is a strong woman inside out and she says that the only way to get out of the hard times is to walk through them steadily. She says to never lose yourself and find something exciting that keeps you on track. Always love yourself and find yourself something that makes you feel alive and makes you love your life again.

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