Who Makes Peloton Shoes? – [Effective & Detailed Guide]

Did you cancel your unused gym membership and took the plunge to order a Peloton bike? If yes, then you need a pair of Peloton shoes as well. The company is known for manufacturing exercise equipment and now has launched Peloton shoes that are compatible with the bike. Peloton shoes can improve your workout experience as they keep the feet secure and attach to the pedals. Read the article below to know who makes Peloton shoes and how the design is different from others.

What Are Peloton Shoes?

What Are Peloton Shoes

The Peloton makes indoor bikes that need special shoes for cycling. All the Peloton bikes come with clipless pedals that will work the best with 2 and 3-hole cleat cycling shoes. The Peloton makes two pairs of shoes that have the SPD cleat systems and Look Delta in them.

These two systems are the only two options that can be attached to the pedals. Your pedaling power depends upon your resistance and cadence, therefore you need Peloton shoes. These hardly make you tired and improve your overall output on the bike. Unlike the toe cages, they do not slip off and help you ride safely.

Who Makes Peloton Shoes?

You might know what Peloton shoes are but you can have a hard time finding who makes them. Peloton, itself has recently launched two pairs of Peloton shoes. They hired manufacturers to make high-quality shoes in their factories located in New York and Taiwan to facilitate all their customers who are using Peloton bikes. Like all the other equipment, Peloton makes sure the shoes are durable and high-quality. Unfortunately, you cannot find the shoes in the market but you can order them online from the official website named “One Peloton.”

You can find several cycling shoes that are available in the market locally and have the SPD or Look Delta cleat system but they might not be compatible with the Peloton bikes. If they do not fit the pedal of the bike, they will become useless for you. It is best if you buy Peloton shoes for your intense cycling sessions. These keep the feet secure, are true to size, and are manufactured with high-quality materials.

Cost Of Peloton Shoes

All the products manufactured under the Peloton’s label have high quality and are durable but expensive. Similarly, the Peloton shoes have a high price as compared to other cycling shoes available in the market. The two pairs, Cycling Shoe and Altos Cycling Shoe retail for $125 and $145 respectively. They are expensive but the quality is totally worth it. All the Peloton enthusiasts rave about these shoes regardless of the price. This is a win-win situation for the company as they are keeping the customers happy and earning a good profit at the same time.

Design Of Peloton Shoes

Design Of Peloton Shoes

Your feet are off the ground when you are riding a bike indoors. In this case, shoes can make a big difference in terms of your activity. Let us discuss the design of Peloton shoes and how they can improve our workout efficiency.

Secure Fit

Peloton bikes have SPD pedals and a Look Delta cleat system that won’t fit the regular bike/cycling shoes. Although you can ride this bike with any shoes but the experts only recommend Peloton shoes. They have SPD and Delta cleats that fit perfectly on the pedals and keep the feet secure. These correspond to the holes on the bike when you are pedaling fast. The combination of the Peloton shoes with the bike maintains your balance and prevents the foot from slipping off.

Solid Base

The Peloton shoes have a solid base that keeps the foot rigid and conserves energy. This design ensures that all the power from your legs is being used for the pedal strokes. These are stable, flat, and flexible so you can move your feet inside them. Peloton shoes help you move the hamstrings muscles and work on the hip flexors by making pedal strokes. The strong, solid base makes them best for a powerful ride on the bike.

Smooth Ride

When you buy Peloton shoes, the manufacturers give you many options in the SPD cleats. You can purchase SDP-SL, SPD-R, SPD-LD/SL, Look Delta, Look Cleats, and many more depending upon the design of the pedal in the bike. The right fit of the cleats attaches the shoes perfectly and helps in smoother rides. These cleats help to keep the feet in place and stable throughout. Hence you can notice an improvement in the overall pedaling efficiency.

Position And Ventilation

When you have the right shoes for cycling/riding the bike, your feet are in a better aerodynamic position. This will not cause any fatigue or strain during your sessions. Moreover, Peloton shoes have good ventilation to keep the feet dry even if you sweat. The holes at the bottom and the mesh design help the airflow in and out. If your feet are comfortable, you can have long cycling sessions without pausing in between.


Who Are Peloton Shoes Made By?

Peloton is a reputed company known for manufacturing high-quality gym equipment. They have launched their shoes to facilitate the customers who are using the bikes with a 2 and 3-hole cleat system. These shoes are made of high quality, are durable, and can last for years even if used daily.

Is Peloton Made in America?

Yes, Peloton is an American company known for making good-quality gym equipment and accessories. Their first factory was located in New York but they have recently opened another in Taiwan as well. They will produce high-quality bikes and treadmills there and supply them to customers in East Asia.

Are Peloton Shoes SPD Compatible?

Yes, Peloton shoes are SPD compatible as they have a 2-hole cleat system at the bottom of each shoe. These holes can get attached to the pedal when you are cycling and prevents the feet from slipping off. Many options are available in the SPD cleats and you can choose what is compatible with your bike’s pedal.

Is SPD The Same as Delta?

No, SPD and Delta are two different systems having 2-hole and 3-hole cleating systems respectively. You can choose any of these and attach them to the bike’s pedal. Both of these are best for long cycling sessions as they keep the feet stable in one place.


Hence Peloton is a reputed American company that manufactures gym equipment and accessories. Recently, they have launched Peloton shoes which grabbed people’s attention. These shoes are compatible with all the bikes manufactured by them. The shoes are made with mesh material and have a good ventilation system that improves your efficiency during the cycling sessions. These shoes have high quality and are worth every penny.

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