Why is Peloton Bike So Expensive 2021? – is It Worth Buying?

Why is the peloton bike so expensive? One of the most common questions by stationary bike buyers. After reading our guide, you will know it is worth buying or not? Though it is a major investment, and you must know the decent and ruthless sides of the bike before purchasing a peloton.

Moreover, we’ll tell you some alternatives to the Peloton bike and the cost of a monthly subscription for the live sessions.

Read on to find out why is peloton bike so expensive?

Why Is Peloton Bike So Expensive Than Others?

The peloton bike is expensive than others because it has high-quality parts and innovative features that other stationary bikes don’t have. No doubt, the peloton is popular because it has benefitted several people to be in shape.

In this pandemic of COVID’19, the peloton bike became even more popular because it encouraged people to have workout sessions at home. You would have heard about the peloton bike from the online ads and the videos on the various outdoor platforms.Peloton Bikes

In last year, Peloton bike users were more than 1 million paying for the live sessions for 40 dollars for one month. The revenue which peloton owners are gaining is pretty incredible.

We bet that you will have reliable workout sessions with the peloton bike and pay off the price given for the monthly subscription.

Cost of A Peloton Bike

The cost of a peloton bike is 2,245 dollars. You will not have any accessories included in the package. For instance, the cost of the shoes and the mat for the peloton bike will be separate. You will have a subscription charge additional every month for the peloton bike.

The bike comes with a durable frame and disc brakes. Further, the subscription fee of the Peloton bike is almost 39 dollars for a month. You can easily have the $500 charges for a one-year subscription for a peloton bike. So is it worth buying? Let’s have a guise at the advantages of a peloton bike.

Advantages of A Peloton Bike

There are several benefits of a peloton bike, and you will have not all the features in any other alternative of a peloton bike. Best of all, the peloton bike will make the workout session even more interactive while you are doing it alone.

You can have a monthly subscription with the peloton bike for having the live sessions.

There will be having an adjustable routine, and no limit is fixed for taking the peloton sessions. The session’s lowest cost could be 20 dollars, but if you are taking the spin classes, it will take 39 dollars.

The peloton bike will help you to stay fit, whether you are going out to do the cardio exercises or not. And the best part? The peloton bike will help the users to have the instructor while sitting at home.

The bike users will have pre-defined rides, and you can have an instructor for guidance while taking the live session of the workout. In one day, 14 live sessions will happen, and you can decide your session time which is most feasible for you.

You will not have a shortage of rides while choosing any of the timing for the workout.

The peloton bike will help you to connect with others. You can choose a similar timing when your friends are taking the live sessions. It is the best way to ride and spend the workout time with someone you like to see around.

And, of course, you can get your body in shape with a peloton bike.

What Are The Downsides of The Peloton Bike?

Apart from the advantages of the Peloton bike, there are some drawbacks too. So let’s get to know about them before you rush to buy them. The cost of the bike is a major drawback, and everyone cannot afford it.

You have to purchase the Peloton bike’s monthly subscription, which will cost around 40 dollars a month. It is important to have a class subscription so you can use the bike in the best way. Though it is a stationary bike and you have to know the right way of using it for losing weight.

If you are buying a Peloton bike, it means you are interested in joining the peloton classes. You can purchase the other bikes if you don’t need the live sessions.

Further, the peloton bike is ideal for taking spin classes, and if you aren’t a fan of taking the spin class, then your investment might not be worth it.

There are other options that you can use without buying a paid subscription for the peloton spin classes. A popular zwift app is free, and you will have live cardio sessions over there.

You cannot use any shoes for using the Peloton bike. You must wear clean shoes or no shoes while using a peloton bike.

Peloton Bike Alternatives

Are you thinking of a peloton alternative? There are several options in the market. Though we will not say that peloton is a waste of money. The peloton bike is above $2000, but you can find its alternatives below $2000.

You can consider a used peloton bike because it will reduce the cost by up to 50 percent. Well, we have the three best alternatives to the Peloton bike, have a look!

1. Echelon Bike

An echelon bike is one of the most selling alternatives of the Peloton bike. There are several great features of an echelon bike. It comes from a top-notch brand, and you will have magnetic resistance. This bike has a revolving wheel, and it is known as a flywheel.

The wheel of the bike will control the resistance level. Not only that, it has a built-in mounted smart device. Furthermore, it has a lever that will help you to adjust the height of the bike as per your need. This bike also has a competition seat, and you can wider and narrow the range of motion according to that.

The echelon bike will provide the live class session, too, and you will have unlimited offers. The application will provide the on-demand cycling classes, and it will provide the feature to track the performance while using the stationary bike.

2. NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle

The NordicTrack is another popular cycle that is great for keeping in the workout room. It will motivate you to do the exercise at home and be in shape. You will have high resistance levels with the Nordic cycle.

Not only that, it is providing the inline and decline control feature. You will have the dual bottle holders with it. This bike has a rotatable high-definition touchscreen, and you will enjoy watching the live sessions on the peloton bike.

Further, this bike will come with a one-year subscription period, and you can easily do a workout at home. It will provide live cycling training options. It includes yoga, boot camping, training, and other training options.

You will have the automatic inclining and declining feature. This bike has a high resistance of 24 levels, which is rarely offered in stationary bikes.

3. Sunny SF-B1995 Fitness Pro II

Another great alternative to a peloton bike is the sunny fitness pro II. This bike is great for those users who need an affordable option with great quality features. It derives with a resistance knob, and you can easily do the workout.

Further, it will provide the option of adjusting the seat as per the user’s comfort. You will have a pulse sensor that is great for monitoring the heart rate. This bike has a digital display monitor, and you will have a clear view of the metrics while working out.

It comes with a holder that will let you keep the smartphone and other devices. This sunny bike is available in two models. You will have the chain drive and one silent belt model.

To Sum Up

Are you looking forward to boosting up your fitness level by staying at home by doing cardio activities? You should prefer buying a Peloton bike because it will provide the option of live classes. This stationary bike comes with a live exercising session, and you will have high-quality parts with this bike.

Not only that, the peloton bike is great for those who are shy to do exercise at the gym. You will have the best opportunity to do the intense workout session with the peloton bike. It comes with a free live session for a short period. Later on, you have to purchase the monthly package.

This exercise bike is recommended to those who want to lose weight from their lower body in less time. Though there are alternatives of peloton bikes, too you will not have completely similar features in them.

Hopefully, our guide helps you to figure out why this bike is worth buying or not.

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