6 Best Peloton Bike Cleats in 2023 – (Reviews & Ultimate Guide)

Pairing your peloton bike pedals with the right type of Peloton shoes and fully compatible cleats is critical for getting the best out of a spinning session. Fully compatible and high-quality cleats ensure stability and comfort, maximize energy transfer, and reduce the risk of injuries. Peloton bike pedals are compatible with 3-hole cleats, leaving only one option for you, i.e., Look Delta Cleats.

Look Delta Cleats offer an adjustable three-hole mechanism and provide impressive compatibility with peloton bike pedals. Different brands manufacture Look delta cleats providing different sizes, shoes, float ratings, and attaching mechanisms.

If you want to make your spinning sessions more constructive and risk-free, this read is a real treat for you. After testing dozens of Look Delta Compatible Cleats, we have filtered out the six best options for peloton bikes.

List of Top Best Peloton Bike Cleats in 2023

Peloton Bike CleatsRatingPrice
BV Bike Cleats Compatible4.8 Check Price
CyclingDeal Compatible 4.7 Check Price
MARQUE Look Delta Compatible Cleats 4.5 Check Price
CyclingDeal Compatible4.4 Check Price
Inkesky Bike Cleats Compatible 4.0 Check Price
Thinvik Bike Cleat4.0 Check Price

Top 6 Best Peloton Bike Cleats: A Feature-by-Feature Breakdown

Feature / ProductBV Bike CleatsCyclingDeal (Look Delta Bike Cleats)MARQUE Look Delta CleatsCyclingDeal (Cycling Cleats For Peloton)Inkesky Bike CleatsThinvik Bike Cleat
CompatibilityLook Delta, Peloton 3-bolt systemPeloton bike, Look Delta spin bike systemsPeloton bikes, on-road cyclesPeloton bikesLook Delta, Peloton bikesPeloton Look Delta pedals
MaterialNot mentionedHigh-quality thermoplasticThermoplasticProfessional-grade thermoplasticNot mentionedHeavy-duty nylon
Installation Accessories IncludedWashers, stoppers, boltsWashers, bolts, screwsSix washers, six boltsBolts, washers, screwsWashers, bolts, screws, Allen wrenchBolts, nuts, Allen wrench
Special FeatureClipless entrySize of original Peloton cleatsSnug-fit entry on pedalsSame size and shape as original Peloton cleatsWider baseHeavy-duty construction
Durability & FlexibilityImproved materialsEnhanced flex and durabilityLightweight material enhances durability and flexLightweight and durableNot mentionedHeavy-duty construction
Adjustable 3-hole MechanismYesYesYesYesYesYes
WarrantyNot mentioned2 yearsNot mentioned2 yearsNot mentionedNot mentioned
Potential IssuesLacks non-slip surfaceShort boltsShort screwsNo lateral movementsThicker and bulkier compared to counterpartsScrews lack toughened head

1. BV Bike Cleats Compatible With Look Delta – Peloton Clip In Shoes

BV Bike Cleats Compatible With Look Delta

BV is an American Brand known for producing high-quality cycling and workout equipment. All AV products are famous for the comfort, style, and stability they offer, and these Look Delta Compatible Bike Cleats are also no exception. These Look Delta Compatible Bike cleats are best for peloton bikes since they are fully compatible with its three-bolt attachment system. BV cleats come packed with washers, stoppers, and bolts for effortless installation.

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However, it is critical to adjust the fore-aft and right-left positions of the cleats to avoid unnecessary movements of the knees and feet. It will help you get the healthiest posture and get the best out of it. The most impressive part of BV cleats is their 9-degree float.

The float of cleats is the ability they offer to your feet to move with the cycling motion. The higher float reduces the energy transfer but enhances comfort and minimizes the chances of injuries, making it ideal for newbies and amateurs.

BV Bike Cleats Review

Once you are done with the installation, BV cleats offer a smooth and clipless entry to peloton pedals. Plus, they are highly adjustable, allowing you to get the perfect position for your feet and making your spinning sessions even more constructive.

The only issue we experienced while trying these cleats is that they lack a non-slip surface. It makes it pretty risky to walk with the cleats on low-friction floors.

BV cleats are made with improved materials that make them exceptionally rugged without putting extra weight. With an adjustable 3-hole mechanism, 9-degree float, and clipless entry, BV cleats ensure top-level energy transfer and reduce stress on your knees and ankles.

  • Perfect 3-hole shoe compatibility
  • The adjustable mechanism for max stability
  • 9-degree float for comfortable spinning
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Lacks non-slip bottom

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2. CyclingDeal Compatible With Peloton Look Delta Bike Cleats – Peloton Shoe Clips

CyclingDeal Compatible With Peloton Look Delta Bike Cleats

If you want a pair of cleats exactly the size of your original peloton bike cleats, consider these Look Delta compatible cleats by CyclingDeal.

These cleats are a perfect fit for stock pedals of the Peloton bike and Look Delta compatible spin bike systems. The most standout feature of CyclingDeal cleats is the efficiency and comfort they offer.

With an adjustable 3-hole mechanism, they ensure a universal fit for all three-hole shoes. The package includes a complete set of washers, bolts, and screws, giving you a quick and effortless startup. Moreover, CyclingDeal Cleats use high-quality thermoplastic to enhance flex and durability. All parts are engineered with maximum precision to ensure rider stability and comfort.

Plus, a 9-degree float further enhances the versatility of cleats. It eliminates the need for toe clips and straps and provides enough room for lateral movement during challenging spinning sessions.

Additionally, these cleats let you clip in and out of stock pedals without accidental release and promise the rider’s comfort and safety. Finally, these cleats are backed by a 2-year warranty, making them a safe investment.

CyclingDeal Look Delta Compatible cleats are precisely the same size and shape as original peloton cleats, and therefore, comfort and stability are guaranteed. These cleats with lightweight and durable construction and precisely machined parts ensure maximum energy transfer during spinning sessions.

  • The exact size of the original peloton cleats
  • Adjustable 3-hole arrangement
  • Complete installation accessories
  • 9-degree float
  • Short bolts quickly come off

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3. MARQUE Look Delta Compatible Cleats – Delta Cleats For Peloton

MARQUE Look Delta Compatible Cleats

MARQUE Look Delta Compatible Cleats with adjustable 3-hole mechanism is perfect for Peloton bikes and on-road cycles. These cleats are made with exceptionally durable thermoplastic material. It’s a lightweight material that enhances durability and flexes for maximum stability and comfort. The package includes six washers and six bolts for a quick and effortless setup. Unfortunately, screws are too short, and if not tightened to the last level, they may fall off.

Since the 3-hole mechanism is fully adjustable, getting the ideal fit for your anatomical structure is advised. Remember, perfect adjustment is key to maximizing energy transfer and the healthiest spinning experience. In addition to the unique attachment mechanism, this pair of cleats boasts a 9-degree float. The 9-degree float eliminates the need for toe clips and straps, allowing maximum bilateral movement.

This bilateral movement increases the comfort level and decreases the chances of muscle and bone injuries. Finally, we loved the snug-fit entry of cleats on peloton pedals. The snug-fit mechanism helps you safely get in and out of a pedal and mitigates the accidental release risk.

Marque Look Delta Cleats offer universal compatibility for 3-hole shoes of both men and women. Plus, a 9-degree float, fully adjustable 3-hole mechanisms, and risk-free sung-fit for pedals help them stand out as the best Peloton Bike Cleats.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Effortless setup
  • Snug-fit for pedals
  • Highly functional
  • Short screws

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4. CyclingDeal Compatible With Peloton Look Delta – Cycling Cleats For Peloton

CyclingDeal Compatible with Peloton Look Delta

Professional athletes and cyclists prefer zero-float cleats to ensure maximum power transfer from leg to cycle cranks. So the next option on our list is CyclingDeal Look delta Compatible cleats. These cleats are made with the needs of long-haul cyclists and serious athletes in mind. Although zero foot ensures maximum energy transfer, it reduces the allowance for lateral movement, making them pretty hard for knees.

So, if you are new to snipping workouts, it is not an ideal choice for you. The most standout part of CyclingDeal Cleats is that they are exactly of the same size and shape as original peloton cleats. They fit perfectly with the stock pedal of indoor spinning peloton bikes and promise the riser’s comfort and stability even in the most demanding spinning sessions.

The cleats feature three-hole adjustable mechanisms and offer universal compatibility for 3-hole men’s and women’s shoes. The package includes everything from bolts to washers and screws for a quick and effortless startup. Additionally, the cleats feature professional-grade thermoplastic construction that offers a lightweight yet impressively durable structure for long-term and reliable performance.

We also found it pretty easy to get in and out of stock pedals with a clipless attachment mechanism. The Clipless mechanism reduces the chances of accidental release and promises the rider’s safety in every situation. Finally, CyclingDeal Zero-Float Cleats are backed by a 2-year warranty offering the best value for money.

If you are experienced enough to avoid injuries with zero float, this pair of cleats by CyclingDeal is the perfect choice for your indoor spin Peloton bike. Plus, these cleats are ranked amongst the top-rated peloton Bike cleats for comfort, stability, and functionality they offer.

  • Zero-float for max energy transfer
  • Precisely machined parts
  • Full compatibility with stock peloton pedals
  • Clipless pedal attachment
  • No lateral movements

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5. Inkesky Bike Cleats Compatible With Look Delta

Inkesky Bike Cleats Compatible With Look Delta

Inkesky Bike cleats with a wider platform are probably the most comfortable Peloton bike cleats you can find on the market today. These look Delta Compatible cleats feature adjustable 3-hole attachment mechanisms and exhibit no compatibility issues with peloton bike pedals. With a wider stage and highly adjustable mechanism, this pair of cleats by Inksky adds comfort, joy, and energy to your challenging spinning sessions.

What we loved most about these cleats is that they are petty easy to install. The package includes a complete set of washers, bolts, screws, along with an Allen wrench. Since they have adjustable 3-hole arrangements, you can find the adjustment ideally in line with the healthiest feet posture.

Additionally, these cleats offer 9-degree floats allowing maximum lateral movement, making them perfect for amateurs. The only issue we experienced with Inkesky Look Delta Compatible cleats is that they are relatively thicker and bulkier than their counterparts. It may lead to stability issues when you switch from thin and lightweight original peloton cleats.

Inkesky Cleats with 9-degree float and a wider base are ideal for athletes recovering from foot or knee injuries. Plus, with heavy-duty construction, effortless installation, and unmatched compatibility with peloton pedals, Inkesky 9-degree cleats are among the best Peloton bike cleats.

  • Wider base for max stability
  • Effortless installation
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to clip in and out
  • A bit thicker and heavier

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6. Thinvik Bike Cleat For Peloton Look Delta Pedals

Thinvik Bike Cleat for Peloton Look Delta Pedals

Final on our list is Thinvik bike cleats featuring a heavy-duty nylon construction for maximum energy transfer with minimum input. Thinvik cleats exhibit complete Look Delta compatibility; hence they are also fully compatible with Peloton bike stock pedals. These cleats are made with the rider’s comfort stability in mind, so a 9-degree float ensures lateral movement.

The 9-degree float allows foot movement to reduce the injury risk by reducing pressure on the knees and ankles. These cleats include a complete set of accessories like bolts and nuts for a quick setup. Along with bolts and screws, you will also get an Allen wrench for perfect installation.

However, screws are a bit short and lack a toughened head which is the biggest issue with this pair of cleats. The cleats offer a 3-hole flexible arrangement allowing you to get the most appropriate position for your anatomical structure. Also, they clip right into the peloton bike pedals and offer a strap-free mechanism to eliminate the accidental release.

Thinvik Peloton Bike cleats with heavy-duty nylon construction and a wider base enhance comfort and reduce pressure points and the risk of injuries. These cleats use precision-engineered parts offering maximum stability and long-term performance.

  • Heavy-Duty nylon construction
  • 9-degree float for lateral movements
  • Effortless installation
  • Come with Allen Wrench
  • Serws lack toughened head

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Buying Guide For Best Peloton Bike Cleats

As we have read about different peloton bike cleats, it’s quite confusing to select the best one for us. In order to solve this issue, let us introduce you to a guide that will help you in learning about the specifications that should be present in your peloton bike cleats to help you make the right choice.

Convenience In Installation

If you are purchasing the cleats for your shoes, make sure to go with the one that has ease of installation in them. They should be easy to handle and install in a correct way, to make them function properly. Keep in mind, to understand the proper procedure of installation, as these cleats come with bolts and washers to help you in attaching them tightly.

If you have a wrench with you, then it is alright and in case if you do not have a wrench, then go with the selection of the cleats that comes with a wrench. Installation of cleats is not a difficult task but they need to be installed adequately and correctly in order to perform well.

So always make sure to read and understand the manual or search for the FAQs related to the installation of cleats. So that you would be able to attach them correctly.


Before purchasing new cleats for your shoes make sure to select the one which is durable in construction. This is a vital factor to look into while selecting the shoes because you would be putting all of your weight onto the shoes while cycling.

And cycling can become rigorous and wild at times which means more pressure on your shoes. So make sure to select the one which is composed of quality material and is durable in nature. Your new cleats would be able to withstand the pressure of your body in addition to your overall weight.

Fitting of The Cleats

Fitting of The Cleats

The fitting of the cleats onto the shoes is an important factor to keep in mind while purchasing the new cleats. This is an important aspect which requires attention as it is connected with your safety and security while cycling. You can come across a mishap or accident in case the cleats are not in proper fitting.

To make your cleats perfectly in fitting with the shoes make sure to get the shoes which are compatible with the cleats. This means the shoes should not be wider than the cleats and they should not be even thinner than those cleats.

Colour Factor

Colour of the cleats is not just a colour but it represents the rotational factor of them. Most of the companies and manufacturers do follow this colour code. Make sure to select the appropriate colour of the cleats according to your need so that your cycling becomes more productive and efficient.

The black colour of the cleats is for a fixed position which is fixed in one place and is not moving at all. Whereas, the grey colour represents the half rotation and red colour is for full rotation of the cleats. It is totally up to you and entirely your personal choice to select the one which you think is ideal for you.

FAQs Regarding Peloton Cleats

What Cleats Should I Buy For Peloton?

Peloton Bike pedals are compatible with three-hole cleats are also called Look Delta Compatible Cleats. LOOK DELTA compatible cleats come with 3-screw adjustable attachment mechanism for shoes and perfectly clip into the peloton bike pedals.

Is Peloton SPD or Delta?

Peloton Bikes feature pedals that are Look Delta compatible. So SPD or 2-hole attachment mechanism is not compatible with peloton bike pedals.

Can I Use Look Keo Cleats on Peloton?

No, Look-Keo is completely incompatible with peloton pedals. Only Look Delta cleats are compatible with peloton bike pedals.

What’s The Difference Between SPD And SPD-SL?

SPD-SL features a three-hole attachment mechanism and uses three screws to attach to the shoe, so they are also called three-bolt cleats. On the other hand, SPD cleats feature two-hole mechanisms and use two screws to connect with spinning shoes.

Can SPD cleats be attached to Peloton shoes?

No, Peloton pedals only support LOOK Delta cleats.

Is it possible to use regular shoes on a Peloton bike?

Yes, but it’s recommended to attach toe cages for best use.

Are Nike shoes compatible with Peloton?

Certain Nike shoes like the Nike Superrep are, with the right cleats.

Should socks be worn with Peloton cycling shoes?

Yes, preferably thin, light, and moisture-wicking ones.

Wrapping Up

So, we can safely conclude that only Look Delta Cleats are fully compatible with your bike cleats, and you should avoid all other three-hole and two-hole attachment cleats. All the products reviewed in this article are tested for quality and performance and offer the best value for money.

Our two favorites from the list are:

Finally, it is advised to calculate your workout and health requirements before buying a new pair of cleats for your peloton bikes. Knowing your requirements will help you figure out the products that are in line with your needs, reducing the risk of injuries and pain.

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