Jess King Peloton Instructor Biography, Early Life, Net Worth

A famous professional dancer, fitness trainer, social media star, entrepreneur, media face, celebrity partner, and internet sensation, Jess King belongs to the United States of America. She is also known as the fiancé of Brass Against singer Sophia Urista.

Although she has been highlighted for various controversies, the peloton instructor has been one of the most popular fitness trainers. Let’s explore the life of jess king peloton instructor, her relationship, networth, and brief biography.

Jess King Peloton Instructor Biography

Jess King Peloton Instructor

  • Full name Jessica King
  • Gender Female
  • Date of birth 29th May 1985
  • Birth Place United States
  • Education Graduation in Fine Arts
  • Nationality American
  • Marital Status Engaged
  • Height 5 ft 5 inches
  • Weight 52 kgs

Jess King Early Life

The birthplace of Jess King is not known, but she grew up in Myrtle Beach, South California, United States. Jess currently resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, United States. After completing her primary education, Jess enrolled at Coastal California University in 2004. She completed her graduation in 2009.

Jess King Parents

The name of Jess King’s father is S King, and her mother is Ximena Bernales, who is also a competitive bodybuilder. However, her parents got divorced when she was only four years old. The siblings of Jess are still unknown, and according to internet sources, she is the only child of her parents.

Jess King Professions

When she completed her graduation in Fine Arts, Jess worked as a Wynn Show Performer at the Wynn Resorts for two years. Soon, she realized her dancing talents and turned her focus towards dancing.

Jess joined Cirque Du Soleil production, and management promoted her as a lead dancer. It was 2008 when she participated in a reality dance show, “So you think You Can Dance.” It was her brilliant dancing skills that led her to the top 10 finalists in the competition. Unfortunately, she gave up due to fractured ribs.

Jess King Peloton Instructor

When she left the dancing career, she was selected in the peloton as a fitness instructor. She is also a founder of a well-known wellness program known as MindFULL 3, which was established in 2015.

Jess King Net Worth

Jess King lives a lavish lifestyle with her family and partner. Being an instructor at peloton and a few other wellness programs, she is getting well paid. The estimated net worth of Jess King is about 4 million US dollars.

Jess King Social Media

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Jess King Engaged To?

Jess King has been engaged to famous musician Sophia Urista since February 2015. Jess and Urista were engaged in September 2020 in New York City.

What is The Date of Birth of Jess King?

Jess King was born on 29th May 1985, and she is 36 years old.

Where Does King Live?

Jess King lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, United States, but she hasn’t revealed the pictures of her house.

What is the Jess King experience Peloton?

The Jess King Experience on Peloton is designed to provide members with a sense of community, inclusivity, and empowerment. This experience is aimed at fostering emotions such as joy, pride, and even rage, in a safe and supportive space where members can express themselves freely and connect with others who may be going through similar experiences.

Did Jess King have a baby?

In November, Jess King and her wife Sophia Urista became mothers with the birth of their son, Lucien (nicknamed “Luz”). So yes, Jess King did have a baby.

Is jess.king pregnant?

During one of her classes in May 2022, Jess King announced her pregnancy with her first child, a son named Lucien (nicknamed “Luz”). She shared her excitement with her class, shouting, “I’m pregnant!” to the delight of her followers.

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