How Much Does A Peloton Bike Cost? Digital Apps, And More

Are you thinking about how much does a peloton bike cost? There are several kinds of peloton bikes, and you will find the old versions cheaper. However, the most expensive version of the peloton is bike +.

Other than that, you need to purchase the membership separately with any of the peloton bike. You have to pay $39 for the membership of peloton. In our detailed guide, you will know much more about the peloton bike variants and their features.

Let’s discuss the cost of peloton bikes below:

How Much Does A Peloton Bike Cost And Is It Worth Buying?

There are several packages to choose from, and you can buy the peloton package as per your budget. Peloton bike subscription cost and the price will vary among the models. You will have the upfront cost with the additional features as per the following list:

  1. The basic package of the Peloton bike is $2245.
  2. You will have the essential package for $2404, and it will come with additional features. You will get a pair of peloton shoes, weights – 1 pair, and headphones for the peloton bike.
  3. The work package is $2494. This package includes two pairs of peloton shoes for you and your partner. You will have one set of weights, two headphones, two HRM for monitoring the health, two bottles of water, and one bike mat.
  4. Last but not least, you can choose the family package that involves a peloton bike, two shoes, one weight set, two headphones, one bike mat, two water bottles, and one heart rate monitor.

Pros of Using A Peloton Bike

  • High-quality bike with the dimension of 4 by 2 feet.
  • You will have a sleek and modern peloton bike.
  • It is very quiet.
  • You will have live and classes on demand.
  • You will have an instructor for having the best workout time on the peloton.
  • Modern design and durable parts with warranty.
  • It is not much costly as compared to the flywheel and soul cycle.

Cons of Using A Peloton Bike

  • Subscription fee
  • It is not cheap.
  • No instructions are provided to set up the bike.
  • You will not have many immersive spin class plans.

What You Will Get In The Peloton Digital App?

You will have ten different workout types in the digital apps of the peloton. As well, it will provide the application that you use on the TV and other devices. The subscription of the peloton lasts for two months, and you need to pay for the subscription after that.

What You Will Get In The Peloton Digital App

What’s more? It provides strength training, stretching, boot camp, outdoor running, mediation, and much more. The application will let you track the activities, and you will have the best option for monitoring the running metrics.

You can easily download the application of Peloton digital application from the app store, Roku, Amazon store, or Play Store.

What Is The Difference Between Peloton Bike + And Standard Peloton Bike?

If you are confused about choosing between the two variants of peloton bike vs bike +, then we recommend you to go with the peloton bike +. This variant has better specs. You will have a large screen, and speakers, and it has an amazing automatic resistant changing mechanism.

PELOTON Bike VS Peloton Bike plusAs well, it comes with the latest features, and you will have access to the application with both variants of the peloton. Apart from that, it comes with the access of the household and individual access. For instance, the bike and bike+ will require assembly on arrival.

Apart from that, you will have the price tags without the membership with both variants of the peloton. Best of all, both of the bikes will provide the option of peloton classes. In addition, you will have an adjustable seat, handlebar with padding, screens, and great user requirements with bike and bike +.

Other Key Features

The major difference between the bike + and the prior version of the peloton is the adjustable touchscreen. You will have a larger rotatable screen with the peloton bike +. The peloton bike + comes with a screen of 23.8 inches which is quite larger and brighter than the previous screen of the peloton.

And the good news? You will have a rotatable touchscreen. The screen of the bike will show the stats clearly. And it has four-channel audio speakers, and it comes with 3-watt tweeters. Do you know that the bike will provide woofers of 10 watts as well? Both bikes come with a resistance knob.

The new version of peloton bike + comes with the auto adjustment for the resistance, and it comes with the manual adjustment feature. Other than that, you will get a faster processor with the RAM, and it has a front camera as well.

Further, it contains the BlueTooth 5.0 connection and charging port of USB type c. Besides that, the bike peloton that came in 2019 has a mini USB charging port.

What Is The Difference Between Tr2ead + And Tread of Peloton?

There are three major differences between tread and tread + of peloton bike.

  • The screen of tread + is larger, and it has HD results.
  • Speed of 0-20 mph is better in tread +.
  • Membership is required for using the tread +.

The peloton bike tread and tread + comes with adjustable knob controls, and you will be easily increasing the speed, which makes them similar to the bike +.

Also, these bikes will come with speakers, a USB charging port for charging the mobile and other devices. You will have a jack of 3.5 mm, and it comes with a front-facing camera.


You need to become a part of the peloton classes. For instance, you will have the option of joining the Bootcamp, HIIT, and fun runs. Also, the bike applications will provide the leaderboard that will help you to complete the goals and stay motivated as well.

Additionally, you will get a speed, elevation, and calorie monitor. The bike tread + of the peloton will provide the best way for monitoring the calories.

However, if you need to buy a cheaper version, then you have to choose the peloton bike tread, and it is available in the US and UK. On the other hand, you will have the peloton bike tread + availability in the US only.

Other Key Features

The tread peloton bike and tread + come with a motor of 3 HP, and it has a DC motor with a powerful yet quiet operation. Apart from that, the tread peloton is smaller than tread +. Besides, the weight of tread + is 206 kg, but the tread weighs 131 kg.

The tread + comes with the USB type c port connection, and you can use it for charging the phone and other devices. Also, you will have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. As well, the peloton bike tread plus has a front camera, and you will have four digital microphones in it.

And that’s not all, it comes with the stereo speakers, and you will have the clearest sound quality. In addition, the tread + is having the latest features, including the free mode, and you will have an amazing salt belt.

However, the belt of tread + is larger than the tread peloton. More than that, you will have a large screen with tread +, and it comes with running space and a shock-absorbing belt.

You will have a standard USB charging port, and it has the soundbar instead of the speakers you will see in the peloton tread version.

Similarities of Tread And Tread +

The peloton bike tread and tread + comes with similar processors, and they have built-in RAM and similar storage. Also, it comes with the live class feature, and you will have workout metrics and profiles for households and individuals. And the best part? It will provide the option of training and other workout plans.

To Sum Up

All in all, you will have the best workout time if you have any of the peloton bikes because of the incredible spin classes. The classes are quite motivating, and you will be exercising within your comfort level.

Also, we have added a few options of the peloton with their features so you can easily choose which peloton is the ideal option for you to buy.

And the best part? The peloton bike will provide the best option for connecting with the online fitness community. Likewise, you will have the best trainers that will help you to stay motivated and complete the daily goals. However, there are some features that you will find better in the latest version of the peloton. You can buy the Peloton bike + if you have enough budget.

Stay motivated; Good Luck!

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