Peloton Boxing Classes & Peloton Boxing Reviews

Are you the one who wants to learn the basics of Peloton boxing? If yes, then enroll in the peloton training sessions for complete guidance and training.

Peloton has massive classes for training different styles of training. Boxing is among the ones showing the collection of different training styles. 

Such a combination shows how to do warm-ups and stretches and how to do proper warm out with varying moves of variety for boxing. Peloton provides boxing training classes.

Boxing needs training, and you can get access to the class while registering yourself on the peloton platform. 

Once you register, all you can enjoy is the boxing Peloton classes. A perfect boxer must learn all the basic steps while joining the best online Peloton platform. 

The article shows the Peloton boxing techniques with the different class schedules. Let’s have a look at the class routines before getting enrolled in any of the training classes.

Boxing Classes on Peloton App

Boxing Classes on Peloton App

Does the Peloton have boxing classes? The peloton app provides the schedule of different classes for boxing training. The app provides the schedule of different training classes. 

If you are already registered as a member and have a profile setup, you can get the schedule of the classes. You can go through the programs to register to get hooked on the selected category.

Schedule of the class

The class schedule is divided into two weeks. Week 1 has five days of class, each duration of around 20 minutes for teaching about the basics of boxing included in the peloton boxing classes. The course shows how to jab and perform hook with front kick options.

Week 2 again consists of five days routine. The class duration is around 5 to 30 minutes. In this week’s class, you will learn how to properly warm up, stretch the muscles, and cool down with the boxing moves. 

The program will take you to the fundamentals of the combination regarding footwork and defence. The program also includes peloton shadow boxing. Such shadow class duration is around 30 minutes.

Things to know for New Peloton Boxing Classes

Boxing is an empowering and talented form of exercise. It does not need any of the equipment. The Peloton boxing class is about body weight.

There are certain things to be known to get into the program for a fantastic experience. Get some of the essential tips for the training.

New Peloton Boxing Classes

1. Understand the fundamentals before the actual workout

If you are an experienced exerciser and want to learn boxing, then you can’t skip the 20 min class for the initial training and can move to the long shadow boxing workouts.

You need to understand the workout’s initials and move to the actual steps. Try to learn the initial skills in the fundamental class, which include body movements, jab, and cross-back hook with an upper and back uppercut. The actual workout consists of simple combinations.

2. Prepared to Focus on the actual workout

Try to focus on the actual workout. The fitness class requires a high degree of technique and coordination. For practical training, you must engage in class to understand the basic skills. For effective boxing, it’s essential to immerse yourself in the class workout schedule.

3. Supportive outfit

Try to dress in a comfortable outfit that makes you more comfortable regarding the exercise. It’s better to get dressed in a complete costume for the perfect combination of sports bra and shoes. 

It’s essential to get training with the ideal strength. Make yourself comfortable with the best-suiting variety to maintain your balance for the perfect workout.

4. Be confident with the challenges

Boxing needs more confidence, and you must be more focused to meet all the challenges. Be patient with the process and encourage yourself to meet all the new challenges in the right way.

If you remain confident during the workout, it would ultimately be best for your Peloton Boxing.

5. Try Shadow Boxing 

In the field of boxing, all you need is to understand shadow boxing. You can appreciate peloton shadow boxing if you have learnt the basics. 

Boxing needs an extra workout, and shadow boxing is the best for this way workout. Shadow boxing is the best in the form of fitness exercises and strength training. 

Shadow boxing is ultimately the best workout for understanding the basic workout steps. These are the essential steps to be known for entering the boxing field.

If you are new to the boxing class, you must understand all the related terms of the boxing workout. 

The boxing workout needs you to understand the essential points regarding the boxing field. You can get the review from the Peloton boxing option available on the peloton profile.

Expert Instructors Leading Peloton Boxing Classes:

  • All Peloton boxing classes are led by experienced professional trainers.
  • These trainers possess extensive knowledge and expertise in boxing.
  • They are dedicated to helping students achieve their fitness goals.
  • Passionate about their work and committed to delivering quality instruction.
  • Renowned trainers like Adrianne Haslet, Alex Toussaint, Ally Love, and more.
  • Numerous other skilled instructors contribute to Peloton’s diverse lineup.
  • Choose Peloton for expert-led workouts that ensure effective and engaging sessions.

Unveiling the “Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing” Program Schedule”

Discover the class schedule for Peloton’s dynamic “Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing” program. Here’s a concise breakdown of what to expect:

Week 1: Building Basics with Kendall, Rad & Selena

Learn essential boxing skills like punches, combos, footwork, and defense to prepare for Week 2’s challenges.

  • Day 1: 20 min Boxing Basics with Kendall Toole
  • Day 2: 20 min Boxing Basics: Combinations with Rad Lopez
  • Day 3: 20 min Boxing Basics: Footwork with Selena Samuela
  • Day 4: 20 min Boxing Basics: Defense with Rad Lopez
  • Day 5: 20 min Boxing Basics with Kendall Toole

Week 2: Entering the Ring with Shadowboxing

Having mastered the basics, immerse yourself in the ring with three 30-minute Shadowboxing classes led by Selena, Rad, and Kendall.

  • Day 1: Warm-up, 30 min Shadowboxing with Selena Samuela, Stretch
  • Day 3: Warm-up, 30 min Shadowboxing with Rad Lopez, Stretch
  • Day 5: Warm-up, 30 min Shadowboxing with Kendall Toole, Stretch

Enhance your boxing skills and fitness with the “Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing” program.

Benefits of Peloton Boxing Classes:

  • Improve cardiovascular health.
  • Burn up to 1000 calories in a single session.
  • Tone and sculpt muscles.
  • Enhance coordination and balance.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Boost self-confidence.
  • Learn self-defense techniques.
  • Experience a comprehensive and rewarding workout.

FAQs Regarding Peloton Boxing Class

How can I access the Peloton boxing class?

All you need is to register yourself on the peloton platform. Once registered with the peloton website, you can access all the online sessions and classes.

Can I do boxing with the Peloton app?

Yes, you can do boxing with the peloton app. The app provides all access to the boxing styles, including the classes and training sessions.

Does Peloton do boxing?

Boxing is listed in the Peloton application under the name cardio. There you can select your choice of boxing style enlisted as shadow boxing. Peloton also provide peloton boxing bootcamp.


The article guides you about peloton boxing. Peloton boxing classes develop confidence and help to understand the introductory training sessions of boxing. 

Boxing classes are available on the peloton platform. All you need is to register with the peloton platform and avail all the courses for peloton boxing. 

Peloton shadow boxing is the advanced level in the field of training. It helps in understating the basic steps of boxing and moves you to a higher level of boxing training. Enroll yourself with the class and train your body for the boxing field.

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