Best Peloton Meditations – (For Morning Energy, Sleep & Anxiety)

There are thousands of on-demand classes available on peloton media. With more than 1300 meditation sessions available on the peloton app, selecting the best peloton meditations for your mental and physical health is super easy.

But what is Peloton meditation, and how to get maximum benefits from it? In simple words, peloton meditation is a series of classes where the user focuses on mindfulness. Each class offers different techniques such as positive thinking, breathing, visualization, and gratitude. Let’s help you learn about the best peloton meditations and how to use them in your day-to-day life to improve your mental health.


Benefits of Peloton Meditations

Benefits of Peloton Meditations

In simple words, Peloton meditations are good as it uses your body physiology to change the emotional state within five to ten minutes. There is an instructor in each class who guides and explains how to use your thoughts, breathing, or muscle tension to relax the mind and body.

If you are new to meditation, it may be a bit confusing for you at the beginning. Meditation is a simple exercise or technique that helps to improve self-awareness, focus, relax your body and focus on the work at hand. Meditation is an ancient way to improve mental health, but it has gained popularity in recent years.

Do you know there were more studies conducted on mindfulness as compared to the last 50 years? To be honest, the full benefits of meditation are yet to be discovered as it is an incredibly beneficial way to improve both mental and physical health.

How Many Meditations Are Available on Peloton?

There are more than twenty meditation themes available on Peloton, including sleep, empathy, breathing, deep relaxation, witness, kindness, gratitude, healing, relaxing, courage, patience, acceptance, energizing, happiness, peace, visualization, calming, and body scan.

Each theme has a unique storyline of guided instructions to gain a sense of calm or relaxation. Such instructions include changes in your thinking, breathing, and mind-muscle connection to influence physiology either energizes the mind or relaxes the body.

One of the best things about Peloton meditation classes is that everyone can do this, no matter whether they are new to meditation or are doing it for a while.

Typically, a session lasts for 5 to 15 minutes and doesn’t need any additional gear. The benefits of peloton meditations are already mentioned above. Let’s find out the best peloton meditations.

Best Peloton Meditations For Morning

The benefits of peloton meditations for the morning include techniques to help you energize, clear your head from clutter, and improve your focus for essential tasks. Health experiments have proved that morning meditations can help to minimize cortisol levels, down-regulate stress, and improve memory.

Here are some of the most important benefits of doing regular meditation on Peloton.

Gratitude Meditation

One crucial meditation is the gratitude practice in the morning. The meditation is available in the audio-only part of the peloton meditations on the application.

The peloton gratitude meditation is a five-minute practice where you have to focus on 1 to 3 things that happen to you, and you are genuinely grateful for them. It may be an achievement in your life, your best friend, or any situation.

Benefits of Gratitude Meditation

The benefits of performing gratitude meditation are that it helps to change your emotional state and improve the feeling of gratitude. When you feel grateful in the morning, it helps to reduce stress, improve self-esteem and boost productivity.

Health experts recommended performing gratitude meditation in the morning as it not only makes you happy but also helps to stay more focused on the task at hand.

Another health research proved that focusing on good things that happened in your life leads to better decisions, higher parasympathetic response, less stress, and lowered blood pressure.

Regular gratitude meditation improves neuro-plasticity, long-lasting changes in the hippocampus, and improvement in cognitive functions. In simple words, whenever they are harsh or compassionate, your thoughts change the physical state of your brain.

Body Scan

One of the most popular mindful techniques to improve self-awareness and be more in with physical cues, the body scan meditation in the morning takes up to 5 minutes. The best thing is that you can do it in the morning and also in the evening when needed.

Peloton body scan meditation is a five-minute self-awareness practice where we focus on noticing the physical sensations in the body. You have to start the scan at the top of the head and go all the way down to the toes, piece by piece.

Benefits of Body Scan in The Morning

This meditation technique is very effective in the morning as it helps to become aware of what you think and what you feel, both emotionally and physically. The self-awareness of own thoughts and feelings keeps you relaxed and release muscle tension.

The most appealing aspect of the peloton body scan meditation is the time efficiency. All you need is five minutes to instantly feel better and boost your focus.

The instructor of body scan meditation is Ross Rayburn, where he guides me step by step on what to do.

Another benefit of peloton body scan meditation is that it can be done by anyone, regardless of whether he is new or has been practicing for years.


There are different ways to imagine stuff in peloton visualization meditation. For instance, the Power of Sleep is a meditation class where you keep your eyes closed and imagine putting all worries, thoughts, and problems into the box.

Peloton visualization meditation is a technique where you recreate sounds, images, and environments before they happen. The practice helps to prepare your body, mind, and consciousness for the upcoming situations, challenges, and circumstances.

Benefits of Visualization in The Morning

When you perform peloton visualization in the morning, it helps to clear your head from negative thoughts and focus on things that need to be done. Also, visualization improves self-confidence and certainty before facing any stressful situation.

There are different studies conducted on the power of visualization. The process is also known as guided imagery. It has been used as an essential aspect of mindfulness meditation and also for health maintenance, healing, and treating several conditions.

For best results, you can combine gratitude meditation and visualization meditation in the morning. Start with gratitude by focusing on things you like in your life for five minutes and then move on to the thoughts you want to accomplish on this day, week, month, or year.

Best Peloton Meditation For Sleep

Another famous group of peloton meditations is sleep. The quality of sleep is vital for your mental and physical health. There is a special two-week sleep program available on peloton tap known as “The Power of Sleep.” You can try different types of sleep meditations in this program.

The peloton sleep meditation is a combination of different types of mediations, including manta, visualization, tension, breathing, gratitude, and humming. The classes are between five to ten minutes.

Each class is unique in terms of meditation and allows unpacking your thoughts. In simple words, it not only helps to fall asleep but also improves the quality of your sleep.

Maximizing Sleep Quality with the Peloton App

The Challenge with Sleep:

  • Many struggle with obtaining quality sleep.
  • Over 35% of Americans get less than the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

Role of Meditation for Better Sleep:

  • Daily meditation can enhance mental well-being and promote better sleep.
  • Peloton app offers sleep-focused meditation classes.
  • Despite skepticism, many find the Peloton meditation content to be highly beneficial.

Self-Experiment with Peloton:

  • For a month, the author tried the Peloton Relax & Sleep meditation before bedtime.
  • Result: Significant improvement in sleep quality.

Top Peloton Sleep Meditation Sessions:

  • 5-Minute Relaxing Meditation with Cody Rigsby: A calming intentional breathing session.
  • 10-Minute Relaxing Meditation with Aditi Shah: Features grounding music and progressive body relaxation.
  • 10-Minute Sleep Meditation with Ross Rayburn: Invites space, forgiveness, and healing into the body.
  • 10-Minute Relaxing Meditation with Chelsea Jackson Roberts: Focuses on deep breathing and body relaxation.
  • 10-Minute Calming Meditation with Kristin McGee: Uses a calming mantra to relax the mind.

Benefits of Sleep Meditation

Peloton sleep meditation is effective for sleep as it helps you to down-regulate, un-plug, and relaxes the body before you go to bed. The meditation helps to lower the heart rate, increase melatonin levels (natural sleep hormone), kick start the rest, and digest response.

Sleep meditation works like magic, especially when you are forcing yourself to sleep. However, five or ten minutes are not good enough to fall asleep. You have to spend at least half an hour relaxing your body and mind and enjoying a sound sleep.

Best Peloton Meditation For Anxiety

This is another helpful peloton meditation for anxiety and stress as these methods combine the mind practice and changes in your physical body. Some techniques need muscle contraction, which is helpful with decreasing muscle tension and boost relaxation response.

Breathing Meditations

There are different types of breathing meditation classes available on the peloton app. The selection of instructors depends on your personal preferences. Unlike yoga or cycling session, the meditation classes don’t need any equipment or special movement.

All you need is to listen carefully to your instructor and follow their guidelines. That’s why you should select an instructor you like to listen to carefully.

The peloton breathing meditation is a five-minute mindfulness practice involving deepening and slowing down the breathing to its natural rhythm. When you change the breathing pattern, it helps to stimulate the changes in your autonomic nervous system and aids in relaxing the body.

Benefits of Peloton Meditation For Anxiety

There are many benefits of peloton breathing meditation for anxiety. It helps to trigger the parasympathetic response, decreases cortisol levels, and influences emotions. The regular practice of deep breathing meditations helps to better regulate your body’s response to anxiety and stress.

In simple words, when you practice breathing meditation regularly, it helps to control stressful feelings, improve mode, and allows focusing on your work effectively.

Health research on breathing meditation found that breathing can quickly bring your mind to the present moment and decrease stress. It is one of the most effective ways to treat anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

If you are feeling anxious and worried, just perform five to ten minutes of deep breathing meditation on Peloton, and you can change physiology, feel relaxed and get back to your work.

Health researched found improved blood oxygenation level dependant activity in brain areas during slow and deep breathing at 5.5 breaths per minute as compared to ten breaths per minute.

Deep Relaxation Meditations

This meditation helps to release stress and also muscle tension from your body. For deep relaxation meditation, law down comfortably as it involves various mind-muscle connections.

Deep relaxation is a meditation technique to release the tension in the body, feel relaxed and calm. It helps to intermittent contraction of particular muscle groups in your body, followed by release.

Benefits of Deep Breathing Meditations For Anxiety

Deep relaxation meditation is a wonderful remedy for anxiety. When you hold the muscle in its peak contraction for five seconds, it helps to reduce muscle tension and allows feeling relaxed. Also, the technique effectively boosts the parasympathetic response in your body.

The deep breathing meditation method is just like the relaxation class known as Progressive Muscle Relaxation. This technique words by tension muscle’s group as you breathe in, hold breath, and helps to relax the muscles when you breathe out.

The instructor gives you clear guidance on which muscles you should work on next. This class involves tensing one particular body part, such as clenching hands. However, it may include full-body short tension.

Peloton Healing Meditation

Sometimes you feel broken from inside and need healing therapy to get back in shape. That’s where you need to realize the importance of healing meditation. The healing meditation helps to relax your mind and body, realize inner strength, focus on gratitude, and boost your energy to work more efficiently.

Benefits of Peloton Healing Meditation

Working through difficult emotions can help to boost healing. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when there is no control over different circumstances. Believe me, healing meditation can improve your entire life, and there is nothing better than Peloton to get there effortlessly.

Peloton Meditation Vs Headspace

The prime difference between headspace and a peloton meditation app is that headspace provides a maximum variety of meditation courses, themes, and even unguided meditations. Headspace also has a designated part of techniques and typical obstacles where you can easily learn the basics of mindfulness.

The peloton meditation classes have slightly less variety of classes, and most of the meditations are guided by their in-house instructors.

Headspace and Calm are two similar meditation apps, and they offer more in-depth context strictly related to meditation. Remember, Peloton is specifically a fitness app that provides a meditation component.

To be honest, the peloton meditation program is getting an incredible response. Perhaps this is one of the prime reasons that new meditation classes are added to the peloton library.

Peloton Meditation vs. Calm

The difference between a calm meditation app and the peloton meditation app is that Peloton specifically offers individual classes. This is useful for people who are new to meditation and want to try it, whereas calm is a more powerful program as there are multiple themes and has multiple week programs to be followed.

Frankly speaking, calm specializes more in meditations as it has different types of classes that range from a relationship, focus, self-care, and more. Also, there is no video of the instructor in calm but offers only audio where you have to listen to the voice of the instructor.

One of the most appealing benefits of calm is that the speaker slows down the space when you are halfway through the class, which has a significant calming and relaxing effect. There is also a section on the calm app for experienced people known for less guidance.

It is more ambient sounds and less guidance that aids to work on your own meditation skill. This is an effective way for people who are looking to take their meditation techniques to the next level and wants to do it without following any instructions.

There is a complete section dedicated to sleep stories in the calm app. These stories are narrative stories that are read in an extremely quiet, soothing, and relaxed tone.

Peloton meditation is suitable for beginners. It helps to explain the basics behind meditation with fewer meditation classes and themes.

Calm meditation is ideal for both beginners and expert mediators. There are more meditation classes and themes to briefly explain mindfulness, including why it is essential and what is the science behind it.

Calm mediation app also has many sleep stories and masterclasses to help understand and practice meditation.

If you want to practice meditation from time to time, the peloton app is best for you.

If you are looking to master the art of meditation, the calm app is an ideal choice for you.

Best Peloton Meditation Instructors and Classes

Finding the best meditation instructor on Peloton can be a challenging task. However, these two meditation classes with instructors can help to find the one you are looking for.

Aditi Shah

Aditi Shah
  1. 20 minutes of patience meditation improve your patience level
  2. 10 minutes patience meditation to realize compassion and kindness towards yourself
  3. 10 minutes relaxation mediation to relax your mind and body with a little guidance
  4. 10 minutes intention meditation to focus on gratitude
  5. 20 minutes of sleep meditation to improve the quality of your sleep

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Anna Greenberg

Anna Greenberg
  1. 5 Minutes healing meditation to help you get through a rough patch
  2. 5 minutes sleep meditation to relax and unwind your mind and get better sleep
  3. 10 minutes healing meditation to expand your mind with a guided meditation class
  4. 10 minutes acceptance meditation to improve your acceptance skill to get rid of unnecessary thoughts

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Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Chelsea Jackson Roberts
  1. 5 minutes breathing meditation to focus on your breathing and relax your mind and body
  2. 10 minutes Beyonce meditation reflects on celebrations, traditions, and impact of historically black universities and colleges
  3. 5 minutes energizing meditation stay more alert and boost your productivity
  4. 10 minutes women’s history month to celebrate the power of women

Cody Rigsby

Cody Rigsby
  1. 5 minutes peak performance meditation to keep your enthusiasm for fitness high
  2. 5 minutes of courage meditation to realize how strong you really are

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Ross Rayburn

Ross Rayburn
  1. 5 minutes body scan meditation to focus on different parts of the body and relax tense areas
  2. 10 minutes commute meditation to relax your mind anywhere you want
  3. 10 minutes body scan meditation to learn how to release tension
  4. 10 minutes happiness meditation to develop a more playful attitude towards your life

Kristin McGee

Kristin McGee
  1. 10 minutes of peace meditation to help you feel more at peace and improve your mood quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Peloton have Meditation Classes?

Yes, Peloton offers different types of meditation classes, including healing meditation, sleep meditation, anxiety meditation, gratitude meditation, courage meditation, and breathing meditation.

Are Peloton Meditations Good?

Yes, peloton meditation classes are effective in getting rid of anxiety, reduce stress levels, and improve gratitude, and many others.

How long does a Peloton Meditation Class Last?

A peloton meditation class typically lasts from 5 to 10 minutes. However, depending on the meditation, meditation class maybe 30 minutes long such as sleeping meditation which takes time.

What types of classes does Peloton meditation offer?

Peloton offers various meditation classes including sleep meditation, mindfulness, relax and sleep, fitness, emotions, breathwork, meditation basics, and more.

How does Peloton make meditation approachable for beginners or those with physical discomforts?

Peloton encourages participants to find a comfortable position, indicating they do not have to sit traditionally.

How are the meditation classes designed in the Peloton app?

The meditation classes are designed around different outcomes and themes, such as healing, energizing, and calming.

What’s a distinctive feature of the “Zen in Ten” classes on Peloton?

“Zen in Ten” offers a 10-minute meditation designed to help users take a pause and reset during a busy day.

Is there a specific program on Peloton focusing solely on meditation for sleep?

Yes, there’s a program called the “Power of Sleep” that promotes relaxation and better sleep through meditation.

How does Peloton describe the “Power of Sleep” program?

It’s described as a tool to promote relaxation, paving the way to better sleep, allowing users to fall asleep sooner, sleep deeper, and feel more rested upon waking.

Are meditation classes available in languages other than English on Peloton?

Yes, there are meditation classes in Spanish by Mariana Fernandez and in German by Nico Sarani.

Which instructors are known to guide meditation classes on Peloton?

Instructors include Mariana Fernandez, Anna Greenberg, Kristin McGee, Denis Morton, Ross Rayburn, and Aditi Shah, among others.

What are some of the benefits of taking Peloton meditation classes?

Benefits include mental and psychological relief, such as reducing anxiety. Users can also earn badges, keep their Peloton streak going, and participate in themed collections.

How has Peloton incorporated music into their meditation classes?

Peloton uses various relaxing music tracks in their meditation classes. For instance, a piece called “Divine Intervention” by Eskimotion has been used in some of Aditi’s classes.

Final Words

Peloton meditations are the best solution for anyone looking for how to use mindfulness to get rid of anxiety, stay relaxed and improve overall health.

There is an extensive collection of different types of meditations that uses effective techniques to change your physiology and calm the body.

Whether you are feeling stressed, going through anxiety or depression, low energy or hopelessness is killing you, peloton meditations are always with you to help to get out of mindfulness.

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