Peloton Workout Plan & How to Create Peloton Workout Plan for  Beginners? – [Explained] 

First and foremost, if you are a beginner looking to organize your Peloton workout plan, know  that your wait is over! This article is a perfect guide for those who don’t know how to structure a  workout plan with the Peloton app based on their goals. 

Given the thousands of available options, selecting from an extensive Peloton workout library is  overwhelming. So here, you will get everything you need to know about the Peloton workout  plan and the type of Peloton classes during workout plans. 

In this guide, we will be covering: 

  • Peloton workout schedule for beginners 
  • How to build a Peloton workout plan? 
  • Organizing Peloton workout plan for strength training 
  • Which Peloton workout plan is best for toning?  
  • How to build a peloton workout plan with a bike?  

So, without further ado, let’s dive in! 

Peloton Workout Schedule for Beginners 

While setting realistic fitness goals is a good start, it pays to schedule an effective strategy for  your wellness journey. If you are a beginner, switching up your workouts, on and off the bike, to  meet all your needs is crucial. 

You must be wondering why?  

The reason is a single workout class that can never meet all your body requirements. 

According to Jess Sims (a Peloton instructor), “Cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and  mental health are three major reasons we move.”  

She further adds, “To be well-rounded movers, we need different types of classes.” And this might  be one of the reasons why Peloton offers a large variety of on-demand and live workouts. 

Thus to have a healthy mind and body, you should bring variety to your Peloton workout plansFor example: 

  • You should add strength training with running or cycling in a week of Peloton workouts. It  helps you to balance them out. Moreover, varying your workout also prevents you from  getting sidelined.  
  • If you are a newbie, you can go for a Power Zone ride to enhance your aerobic endurance,  says Sims.  
  • Furthermore, a 20 min hip hop ride or your favorite artist series on Peloton is best for  mental health _ according to Sims.  

How to Build a Peloton Workout Plan? 

You can organize any workout with or without a Peloton bike or treadmill. All you need to have is  a subscription to the Peloton app. With the Peloton app, you can get multiple options to stack  workouts or take them separately.  

It’s crucial to consider your fitness level and goals before opting for any workout. With the Peloton,  you can design a workout plan that fits all your training preferences.  

peloton workout schedule for beginners

Being honest with yourself, your needs, and your availability helps you to stay focused on creating  an ideal Peloton workout plan for you.  

Also, make sure to consider the following key points while creating a workout plan with Peloton:

1. Type of Peloton Classes 

Before designing your workout plan with Peloton, be confident about your particular niche and the  type of Peloton classes you want to indulge in.  

2. Access to the Gear You Need 

You cannot take certain workout classes if you don’t have access to all the required equipment.  

3. Primary Fitness Goal 

Your main fitness goal is one of the most significant elements to consider while structuring your  Peloton workout plan. For instance, if your primary goal is to gain strength, you should opt for  the Peloton classes accordingly. 

4. Level of Fitness 

If you are a beginner to Peloton or fitness in general, you should do something easy. Because it’s  good to prefer consistency over intensity so that you can fall in love with the process, says Sims.  It’s crucial to measure your current level of fitness to design an effective workout plan. 

5. Time Availability  

Another factor to take into account is your schedule. Make up your mind about how often and how  much you want to work out with Peloton. Also, keep in mind quality is always better than quantity.  So, schedule and plan out your workout strategy respectively. 

Organizing Peloton Workout Plan for Strength Training 

Now, if your primary fitness goal is to get stronger, Sims recommends you to go for a 20, 30, or  45-min full body strength workout. During these classes, instructors teach you to focus on building  muscles using resistance bands, dumbbells, and lifting weights.  

Strength training classes focus on building muscles along with increasing your strength. You can  also do an arm class on the bike for strength training.  

One can also opt for a climbing ride using heavy resistance to improve your strength, says Sims

Another best pick to balance your workout plan by doing strength exercises along with running or  cycling is Bootcamp classes.  

According to Jess Sims, strength training exercises should be done only three times a week. On  other days, you can balance your Peloton workout plan by doing other classes like cardio,  stretching, pilates, and yoga.  

In the Peloton app, there are different workout training plans available. These include a 30-day  Peloton training plan for beginners, the Peloton 10-week beginner program, the Peloton 21-day  challenge, and more. These sample classes are an ideal way to help you determine what type of  motivational style and fitness instructor on Peloton will fit your needs best.  

The 30-day Peloton training plan for beginners is the best option if you want to adapt indoor  cycling and develop a workout routine. 

Besides this, to set up an ideal week for a Peloton workout, Andy Speer’s “Total Strength  Program” is a remarkable way to push and challenge yourself.  

No matter what type of workout plan you want to do, make sure to follow the A/B workout cycle regime. This principle enhances your strength and mass without neglecting any major muscle  groups in your training.  


It works by alternating between two separate routines, A and B, every week to balance out. Power  athletes also apply the same cycle.  

Following is a Peloton weekly workout plan A and B with Peloton:

workout plan AWeekly Peloton Workout Plan “A” workout plan BWeekly Peloton Workout Plan “B”
Peloton Workout PlanMonday: 20 min Low Impact + 10 min  Recovery RidePeloton workout Bodyweight StrengthMonday: 20 min Beginner Bodyweight  Strength (3 sets of 0:30 to 1:30 low planks)
peloton workout plansTuesday: 30 min Power Zone Endurance Ride How do I create a workout plan with Peloton?
Tuesday: 20 min Beginner Ride
peloton workout planWednesday: Rest Shoulder  Strength Workout for Beginners (3 sets of 15  to 35 leg flutters)Wednesday: 20 min Arm + Shoulder  Strength Workout for Beginners (3 sets of 15  to 35 leg flutters)
Peloton Workout PlanThursday: 30 min Low Impact Ride Peloton Workout PlanThursday: 20 min Recovery Ride/ 10 min Full  Body Stretch
Peloton Workout PlansFriday: 20 min Indoor or Outdoor Walk Friday: 20 min Glute and Leg Strength for  Beginners (3 sets of 10 to 35 leg raises)Friday: 20 min Glute and Leg Strength for  Beginners (3 sets of 10 to 35 leg raises)
Peloton Workout Plan for BeginnersSaturday: 15 min Full Body Bootcamp + 15  min Recovery Ridehow to build a peloton workout planSaturday: 20 min Recovery Ride 
Peloton Workout Plan for BeginnersSunday: Rest peloton workout planSunday: Rest

Which Peloton Workout Plan is Best for Toning? 

Riding a Peloton helps tone your muscles. You can either select any of the full-body workouts or  can choose two Peloton strength workouts per week.  

Additionally, plan to do the following workouts if you have a bike to get in good shape with Peloton: 

  • 60 min Power workout 
  • 30 min high-intensity interval training workout (HIIT) per week 
  • 45 min Tempo workout 

The above workout plan will burn a lot of calories. It will also build endurance, develop speed and  power, and increase strength and metabolism.  

How to Build a Peloton Workout Plan with a Bike? 

As a beginner, using a Peloton bike 2-4 times a week is recommended. Apart from this, a 10- week Peloton beginner program is also an ideal option for newbies. This program includes two  30-minute sessions, per week, for a simple and easy start. 

Additionally, you should opt for a regular beginner ride if it’s your first Peloton ride. This ride is  best if you want to learn more about the basics of it.  

If your primary goal is to lose weight with a Peloton bike, keep in mind that it will take 12 to 16  weeks to notice a visible difference on a Peloton bike. Following is a 1-week sample Peloton  workout plan for beginners with a peloton bike: 

Sunday: 20 min beginner bodyweight strength 

Monday: 20 min beginner ride 

Tuesday: 20 min arm and shoulder strength for beginners 

Wednesday: OFF 

Thursday: 20 min beginner ride 

Friday: 20 min glutes and legs strength for beginners 

Saturday: OFF (optional: full body stretch) 

Final Words 

There are no hard and fast rules to structure your Peloton workout plans. Three days a week is  a good start for beginners. Always listen to your body and modify it as needed. The most important  thing is consistency.

So, move your body the right way by keeping a flexible mindset. Set your  goals, and if, at any point, these workout plans feel easy or difficult, then switch to the best  alternative accordingly.

After all, the best workout plans provide the best roadmap for your fitness  journey without making you feel too exhausted or overwhelmed.  

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