What Type of Cycling Shoes Can You Wear On The Peloton Bike?

Wondering what type of cycling shoes can you wear on the peloton bike? Cycling shoes are different from other shoes. You will find cycling shoes with more firm material than normal shoes.

Likewise, cycling shoes have a snug-fitting than sneakers. The cycling shoes have cleats on their sole that will let the feet attach to the pedal of the bike.

What Type Of Cycling Shoes Can You Wear On The Peloton Bike?

You will find indoor cycling shoes different than outdoor shoes. But the indoor cycling shoes are great for the spin classes.

Cycling Shoes Mechanism With Spin Bikes

The cycling shoes are suitable for spin bikes because it comes with a clip mechanism that will let the shoes fit comfortably in the paddle of the bike. There are other names of the cycling clips, such as cleats, clipless, and simple clips.Shoes Can You Wear On The Peloton Bike

The clips of the shoe will work as a quick releasing mechanism. By twisting the backside of the heels, you can suddenly release the mechanism. There are two different types of cleats that we’ll discuss below:

  • The SPD clips come with 2 bolt cleats.
  • The SPD SL delta clips come with 3 bolt cleats.

You must know the type of clip before riding the Peloton bike with cycling shoes.

Cycling Shoe Type

The cycling shoes come in different materials. You can choose the stiffness of the shoes as per your style. Some of the shoes are more expensive than others. Do not buy shoes that are too stiff. You should not buy the stiffest shoes for indoor cycling because it will increase the pressure on your feet to paddle.

The shoes should have a mixture of certain materials and have a carbon sole to make the paddling experience even more convenient. Usually, the cycling shoes have SPD cleats that don’t let the feet touch the floor while walking. The shoes with the delta cleats will make the shoes convenient for walking.

Some gyms do not allow people to wear road shoes because it will damage the floor and increase the chances of falling on the floor.

Touring or Road Shoes

The touring shoes have several other names, such as city shoes, commute shoes, and crossroad shoes. Shoes for touring have a different kind of design, and they come with a rubber sole. Most hiking shoes are great for gym users.

Mountain Bike Shoes

The MTB mountain bike shoes are stiffer than the other kinds of cycling shoes. You will have some amount of flexibility in the MTB shoes, though. The sole of the MTB shoes is convenient to make a bumpy grip through the tough ride. Most gym users use MTB shoes because they are very comfortable for spin classes and practical in nature.

You can choose between the mountain, touring, and cycling shoes.

Features To Consider With The Peloton Bike Shoes

There are some features that you can consider while buying the Peloton bike shoes.

Good Closure System

The first and utmost crucial aspect is to choose shoes that have a great closure system. In fact, the right closure will provide stability to the feet. The closure will provide the most secure lock to feet, and you can ride a bike with the utmost ease.

When you choose shoes for indoor cycling, you have to choose the perfect closure system. You can provide maximum protection to the feet if the shoes are providing a perfect closure system.

Breathable Material

Another important thing while buying cycling shoes is breathable material. It is obvious that you will be using the Peloton bike for more than 45 minutes. So choose the shoes that have breathable material.

The breathable material will keep the feet dry, and you will have good airflow while riding the bike. Choose a pair of good-quality shoes that are great for running and cycling competitions. The top layer of shoes should be comfortable, and it will prevent dampness while you are riding the stationary cycle.

3 Bolt Cleats

The 3 bolt cleats should be present in the cycling shoes. You have to choose the right shoe type that fits in the pedals of the shoes perfectly.

The cleats and pedals will provide a quicker riding experience. You will have a speedy pedaling experience with the 3 bolt cleats.


According to gender, you need to choose the right pair of shoes. You have to pick the shoes that are convenient to wear. If you are buying unisex shoes, they might not provide the best comfort and support to the feet.

The width of your feet should be according to the shoes that you are buying. Do not choose large shoes because it won’t be convenient for cycling for a long time.

Warranty And Support

Cycling shoes should have a warranty period. If you buy the original cycling shoes, it will provide a warranty of 2 years. You will have the most convenient replacement. Best of all, cycling shoes with support will provide additional features.

We recommend buying the peloton shoes, which have a longer warranty period for having a secure investment.

Non-Slip Heel Lining

The non-slip heel will provide stability to the feet, and you can ride the bike for a long time. The right heel will reduce the chances of slipping, and it will increase the support to the feet. According to our experience, you have to choose the right shoe sole type.

The riding experience will be quicker with the shoe that has a non-slip heel type. You have to choose the heel that doesn’t slip on the water. The peloton bike is not convenient to ride with all shoe types, so you have to be careful while choosing the right shoes.

Consider these important features to make the best decision for cycling on the peloton bike.

Can You Use Any Shoes With The Peloton Bike?

Let us clear that it is not necessary to have shoes from the peloton brand only. You can wear any shoes that are compatible with the toe cages of the Peloton bike. Though, you will not be comfortable wearing the shoes that fit in the cages of the Peloton bike’s pedals.

The shoe should have the 3 bolt cleats that are convenient to wear. You will have a convenient locking system when the bolts are present on the shoe sole. The paddles of the Peloton bike are removable too. You can attach the regular or stock paddles with the peloton bike.

It is important that you choose the 9/16 inches spindle for attaching it with the pedals of the Peloton bike. You can attach the pedal that you like to ride on with the peloton bike. Ensure that you choose the pedals which are having a great design.

The pedals should not be much heavy because they will exert more force while you are riding the pedals. The shoes will ensure stability to the feet, ensuring that you control the pedals in the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Be The Sole Of A Shoe?

The sole is the most important part of the shoe. You can find various kinds of sole shoes. Besides, the most durable material of the shoe is rubber, plastic, or carbon fiber. You can also have the shoe sole with a combination of different materials. The shoes will have better performance if they have a good combination of the sole.

What Is The Difference Between Cycling Clips?

There are two major differences between the cycling clips of shoes. The cycling clips SPD are most convenient to wear, and they have holes in them. You can choose the right cycling clip that is convenient for walking around.

Some of the cycling delta clips have three holes. However, the cycling clips should be compatible with the bike that you are riding.

Which Is The Right Closure System Of The Cycling Shoes?

There are a lot of closure systems for cycling shoes. You can choose the Velcro strap closure system for having the most affordable pair of shoes. Some cycling shoes are more convenient to take off than others, and they will have Velcro straps.

Other than the Velcro straps, there are other kinds of closure systems too. You can choose the laces, boa system, or the most expensive ratchet system for cycling shoes. The shoes should have a user-friendly mechanism and choose the Velcro closure system.

Can I use any cycling shoes with Peloton?

Peloton bike pedals are compatible with spin shoes that have cleats which fit the pedal system. Therefore, you can use any brand of cycling shoes as long as they have cleats that are compatible with Peloton pedals.

Can you use Shimano cycling shoes for Peloton?

Shimano’s indoor cycling shoes, such as the IC3 and IC5, are not compatible with the Delta cleats and pedals that come with a Peloton bike due to their 2-bolt cleat design.

How do you wear regular shoes with Peloton?

If you prefer to use regular shoes with your Peloton bike, you can replace the toe clip pedals with Peloton pedals using an adjustable wrench. Once the pedals are swapped, simply slip your feet into the cages while wearing your regular shoes.

What is the difference between SPD and Delta cleats?

    • SPD cleats have two holes and are used for mountain biking and road cycling shoes,
    • while Delta cleats have three holes and are used for indoor cycling shoes.

To Sum Up

Now you know about the best shoes that you can wear while using the Peloton bike. You will have a comfortable exercising experience with the right pair of peloton shoes. The shoes should be convenient for the user to wear for longer workout sessions.

Surely, you will find the right shoes after reading our guide.

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