What Heart Rate Straps Work With Peloton Bike? – Updated Guide 2023

Want to know what heart rate straps work with Peloton bike? Our comprehensive guide will tell you some good options and which features to consider while buying a heart rate monitoring device for pairing with the peloton bike.

Consider the beneficial heart rate monitors that will enhance your workout performance on the peloton bike.

What Heart Rate Straps Work With Peloton Bike To Monitor the Intensity Accurately?

There are many heart rate monitoring chest straps in the market that give the most accurate results. If you weren’t monitoring the heart rate before, then let us tell you that it will benefit you in several ways. You will know when the heart rate is extremely high.

What Heart Rate Straps Work With Peloton Bike

The studies recommend that exercising is great for people to reduce the risk of heart diseases. As per the analysis of (CDC) the center for disease control and prevention, physical activities will reduce the heart rate of the person.

What To Have In A Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap?

The heart rate monitor is available in three different categories. You can choose a device that is convenient for you to wear. All types of heart rate monitors have electrode sensors. It is safe for users who are not having any heart rate disease.

Suppose you are having any heart disease, then consult a doctor before using the heart rate chest straps. Below are the various kinds of heart rate monitors for peloton bikes.

Types of Heart Rate Monitors For Peloton Bike

There are three HRM’s for peloton bikes:

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1. Arms Bands For Peloton Bike

An armband is a great option for those users who don’t want to wear the heart rate chest straps. You can conveniently exercise with the armbands heart monitors.

However, the accuracy of the armband is better than the wrist-based smartwatch trackers for peloton bikes. There are several Ant+ compatible heart rate monitor brands available in the market.

Arms Heart Rate Monitors

2. Wrist Straps For Peloton Bike

The wrist straps for monitoring the heart rate are compatible with the peloton bike too. But you will have less accuracy as compared to the other types of heart rate monitoring devices if you feel comfortable wearing the wrist strap smartwatch heart rate monitor then go ahead.

But the chest straps don’t have any match in providing accurate heart rate data.

Best Chest Straps For Peloton Bike

The chest strap monitors are the most flexible bands that you can wear on the chest. You will have the most reliable tracking with a heart rate monitor chest strap. If you are wondering what heart rate straps work with Peloton bike, then we present the three best options.

1. Polar HR Chest Strap

The most selling heart rate monitor chest strap for peloton bikes is the Polar H7. It will provide the most accurate readings. You will have the compatibility of the polar chest strap with the iOS devices too.

Polar HR Chest Strap

If you are familiar with the heart rate monitor, then you must know about the polar company. This strap has a built-in memory, and you will have a record of the training session.

And the good news? This heart rate chest strap monitor is great for monitoring several kinds of activities. It also has a built-in camera, and you can easily record the videos on this chest strap monitor.

This strap has enhanced functionality, and you will have a battery life of 400 hours. It will make the heart rate monitoring convenient, and you will have the most comfortable fitting.

It has a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, and it has a battery type of Cr 2025.

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2. Mo-Fit Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

Next, we have a mo-fit heart rate chest strap tracker. It is the most accurate and reliable, and you will have the most advanced monitor with it. This chest strap is verified, and it will transmit the data wirelessly.

Mo-Fit Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

You will have a real-time heart rate monitoring device.

Not only that, it has a Bluetooth 4.0 connection and ANT+ technology. This fitness chest strap monitor is compatible with various devices, and it has the pro build quality. You will have a durable heart rate chest strap monitor with wear and water-resistant material.

Best of all, this chest strap has an ultrasonic welded seal, and you can wear it underwater. It comes with a dual-band transmission for data. And that’s not all; it has compatibility with several other fitness trackers.

This chest strap has the most lightweight material, and it weighs 1.6 lbs. In fact, it has the most adjustable chest strap, and you will have the softest material with the most durable quality. You can expand the strap up to 155cm. Garmin offers a 24 months warranty period.

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3. Garmin HRM-Tri- Heart Rate Monitor

Another most popular chest strap for the peloton bike is the Garmin HR Tri. This chest strap has a lightweight yet the most comfortable material. You can mold it in any direction easily, and it has rounded edges.

Garmin HRM-Tri- Heart Rate Monitor

Best of all, the Garmin chest strap monitors are wearable for many hours, and it will not lose their sturdiness even if you wash them several times. Furthermore, this strap has a built-in memory, and you will be able to save the data for 20 hours easily.

The heart rate monitor has wide compatibility, and it is great for peloton cycling and monitoring triathlon activities. You will have the real-time heart rate monitor, and it will show the right data when you get out of the water.

And that’s not all, this strap has the running dynamics monitor, and you will have the right vertical oscillation, ground contact time, and much more. It comes with ten months of battery life, and you can replace the battery later on.

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Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Heart Rate Monitor For Peloton Bike Strap Option

The strap of heart rate is convenient to wear on the chest, arm, and wrist. You can wear it wherever it is feasible for you. The most accurate reading will happen when you wear the heart rate monitor on the chest strap.

Further, the chest strap will monitor the speed, calories, and speed of the peloton bike user. Not only that, you should look at the material of the chest strap. The chest strap’s stretchable material will be convenient to wear, and it should have washable material. You can easily wash the chest straps if it is machine-friendly.

The heart rate monitor chest straps have high-quality material and should be moldable in any shape. Best of all, the chest strap monitors will have a durable material that doesn’t lose its compression even after washing.

Convenience Of Use

The heart rate monitor should be very convenient to use. Also, the user interface should not be complicated. Ensure that you buy an organized and most feasible heart rate monitor. Most of the chest strap monitors are accurate in monitoring the heart rate because they have special sensors to monitor the heartbeat of the person accurately.

Don’t get in a trap with a heart rate monitor chest strap that doesn’t have a convenient interface.


The heart rate monitors have the ANT+ feature, which will accurately catch the heart rate. You will have alert when the heart is not in a normal condition. The ANT+ feature is very helpful as it will teach the wearer to take a break while working out for the healthy condition of the heart.

Moreover, the heart rate monitors come with a calorie counter, distance monitor, speed tracker, and much more. At least you should go with a heart rate monitor that fulfills your needs, and it should have the features that we have mentioned here.

How To Attach The Heart Rate Monitor Strap With Peloton Bike?

The heart rate monitor chest strap will have a Bluetooth connection, and you can turn it on for connecting it with the peloton bike.  You can easily connect the heart rate monitor by going on the settings of the Peloton bike and connecting your device with it.

FAQs Regarding Peloton Heart Rate Strap

Does the Peloton Heart Rate Band work with the bike?

Yes, the Peloton Heart Rate Band is compatible with Bluetooth® connectivity to the Peloton Bike/Bike+.

Can you add a heart rate monitor to Peloton?

Yes, with the Peloton App, you can connect a Bluetooth®-enabled Heart Rate Monitor to the app and view your real-time heart rate in every class.

Do I need the Peloton Heart Rate Band?

If you want to maximize your workout experience on the Peloton bike or treadmill, it’s recommended to connect a compatible heart rate monitor (HRM). The Peloton Heart Rate Band is one such HRM that you can use to track your heart rate during workouts.

Can I use my Garmin heart rate monitor with Peloton?

If you have a Garmin watch that is capable of broadcasting heart rate, you can send the heart rate data to Peloton bikes that are Bluetooth/ANT+ compatible.

To Sum Up

The heart rate monitor will work perfectly with the peloton bike if it has compatibility with it. You have to find the chest strap that is most convenient to wear and practical as well. The chest strap heart rate monitor will work comfortably with the peloton bike if you choose any of our suggestions.

Do not forget to consider the heart rate chest strap features before you make the final decision. You are buying a wearable device, and it should have the most accurate performance. The heart rate condition will be monitored with the heart rate chest strap.

You will know when to take a break while using a peloton bike. And that’s not all; the chest strap monitors will keep the user’s heart in a healthy condition.

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