Peloton Badges – How to get Peloton Badges in 2022?

This article is a shortened and concise version of details about peloton badges and how you can earn them. This guide will also cover all the information regarding each type of badge, milestone, or achievement you earn while using the peloton app or tools. 

We have tried our best to cover everything you need to know about peloton badges 2022 in this guide. The sole purpose of creating these badges was to help people stay motivated to do regular at-home exercises or workouts. 

Hopefully, you will get all the answers to your queries regarding peloton badges by the end of this article. So without further ado, let’s get started!

What are Peloton Badges?

These are the little virtual rewards you get in the form of badges after completing any of the peloton activities. For example, you earn yourself a reward in a badge form that pops up on your profile after hitting any particular workout or after completing any specific challenge. 

You also get to have a badge even if you join the peloton community. The type of badge you earn depends on the specific action you have completed. It is also based on the type of reward you are trying to achieve. 

There are different types of peloton badges you can earn. We will discuss this further down the article. Therefore, stick to this article till the end to have all the information about peloton badges, their types, their special events for 2022, new peloton badges, and ways of earning these badges. 

What are the Different Types of Badges?

There are 5 different types of badges you can earn based on the type of workout, challenge, special themed ride, or challenge you complete. These are the following:

peloton badges

  1. Milestone badges
  2. Streaks badges
  3. Social badges
  4. Special events badges
  5. Challenges badges

How to get peloton Badges?

It’s pretty simple and plain to get these badges. If you get a high score in a specific workout like riding or running, then you get yourself a badge. That’s called a milestone badge.” 

For example, if you complete your 100th workout, the badge you will get for completing this milestone is called the “Century Club” badge. On hitting this particular workout, you will also get a physical gift like a free shirt along with a century club badge. 

Similarly, you will be rewarded a “millennium club badge” on hitting the 1000th workout milestone. 

On completing a particular number of workouts, you will get a particular milestone badge respectively. For example, the badge you get on 50 rides and the badge you get on 50 miles will be different. The badge color will also vary based on the type and number of times you hit that workout. 

Likewise, if you keep doing any workout or exercise continuously for many days or weeks in a row without taking any break, then you get a peloton streaks badge.” 

Peloton breaks this into day streaks and week streaks depending upon how often you do that exercise or workout.

On missing any day or week, you can also reset the counter and start all over again. Hence you can achieve many same peloton badges more than once. 

 Are wondering if workouts like yoga, strength, or meditation can also be counted towards the total? There is a nice thing about the peloton. Yes, these exercises are also counted in your total scores if you want to earn a specific badge. 

Peloton Social Badges

peloton special event badges

Peloton social badges are further divided into the following categories based on the number of friends you do a workout with:

    • Dynamic Duo: You working out with 1 peloton friend
    • Three’s Company: Workout with 2 peloton friends
    • Pack: Workout with 3 peloton friends
    • Squad: You working out with 5 friends from the peloton community
    • Flock: Workout with 10 friends from the peloton
    • Swarm: Workout with 20 peloton friends

How to get a Dynamic Duo Badge Peloton?

You get yourself a dynamic duo peloton badge if you and one of your peloton friends take the same class. This doesn’t mean that taking the same class “live” together. 

It simply means that if there’s any ride, run, or workout that one of your peloton friends has completed, and you also take that same challenge, same special class, same run, or same ride, then you will get yourself a dynamic duo peloton badge. 

How to get Peloton Swarm Badge?

For earning a peloton swarm badge, you have to go and take a ride or do a particular workout that 20 of your peloton friends have completed at any point since they joined the peloton community.

That can be a stationary bike ride, a treadmill run, 2000 workouts, 45 daily streaks, or 2000 weekly streaks. That workout can also be a monthly cycling challenge or yoga challenge for getting a bronze, silver, or gold badge. This can also be a special event workout like Artist Series, Homecoming, Black History Month, etc. 

The only condition you have to meet in order to get a peloton swarm badge is to look for any workout that 20 of your peloton friends have done. 

How to get Latin Badge Peloton? 

Latin peloton badge is a special music theme ride badge that you earn for taking certain music theme classes. To earn the Latin badge peloton, you have to take a required number of any Latinx Artist classes. 

Below, we have given a few examples of peloton Latinx heritage month (LHM) classes scheduled for 2021. Have a look for better understating. 

  • 30 min LHM celebration HITT cardio – Rad Lopez – 9/15/21 at 8:30 am ET
  • 20 min LHM Celebration Ride – Hannah Corbin – 9/17/21 at 11:30 am ET
  • 20 min Latin Heritage Month LHM Salsa Ride – Kendall Toole – 9/20/21 at 11:30 am ET
  • 45 min Latin Heritage Month LHM Celebration Run – Becs Gentry – 9/24/21 at 8:30 am ET
  • 45 min Latin Heritage Month LHM Icons Yoga Flow – Kirra Michel – 9/27/21 at 7:30 pm ET

Those who earned the Latin peloton badge took these special music theme classes last year. Peloton might arrange these LHM classes this year again. 

But to get the confirmed news about this, you will have to keep visiting their official website or digital app for the upcoming special events. 

Special Event / Special Themed Badges

Peloton is also well-known to run different monthly challenges and special events every year to increase its peloton badges. 

In 2020, peloton ran a special event called “Pelothon.” It was too much fun and thrill. 

And this year, in 2022, the peloton also ran a challenge with the title “Rock 22 challenge.” This challenge rewards you with a special insignia, based on the number of times and for how many days you did that challenge. 

Besides this, if we recall the past year 2021, there was also a very unique music event with the title “Latinx Heritage Month 2021 with the peloton.” It was celebrated in the honor of the U.S Latinx community joined with the peloton community. 

It was held from September 15th to October 15th and during this whole period, peloton instructors gave online classes in both English and Spanish. 

They used to begin the celebration class with Rad Lopez on 9/15, or with the music of any other Latin artist, creating special music moments by featuring Latinx artists. 

Further details regarding this event are as follows:

How to Earn Peloton Badges?

Earning peloton badges vary based on the type of workout, challenge, or special event badge you want to earn. Every type of badge has a different number of workouts and challenges you have to hit. 

To earn yourself different peloton achievement badges, you either have to complete a specific challenge to earn a challenge badge”, or have to complete a special theme workout to earn a special event badge”. 

For a peloton social badge, you have to go and take any ride, run a mile, or hit a specific number of workouts that your peloton friends have done at any point. In this way, you will earn yourself a social badge”.

You can view all of your badges in the achievement section of the app. In this section, you can see all your achieved social badges, challenge badges, peloton special event badges, weekly and monthly streaks, cycling milestones, running milestones, and much more. 

Peloton also allows you to earn an unlimited number of the same badges multiple times. By clicking on any particular type of badge, you can also see all the details like how many times you have earned that specific badge. 

Final Words

Peloton badges give you that required kick or push to get you back on the workout track. These different types of peloton badges also serve as an efficient way to help you transform into the best version of yourself by providing a flexible schedule. So you don’t need to specifically join a gym if you are a member of the peloton community. 

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