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Susie Chan Peloton Instructor Biography: Sometimes it is not easy to relate to athletes who have been participating in specific sports all their life. But sometimes, there is a gem of inspiration who takes you on an enlightening journey.

That gem and a motivational person is Susie Chan. For those who do not know about Susie Chan, you will discover everything about her once you read this article. Shortly you will find all the reasons for her being a sparkling gem!


Susie Chan was born in Surrey to a Hong Kong Chinese father and a British mother. This ultramarathon runner started running when her brother convinced her to enter a half-marathon. It’s been 10 years, and she is still the most recognizable face in the British running community.

Besides that, she is a full-time sponsored runner at this present age. Susie is also the brand ambassador of Mizuno, a Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company.

In 2016, Susie ran 68.54 miles on a treadmill in a noted time of 24 hours. Thus, setting a 12-hours Treadmill World Record. Along with that, she became one of the first females to finish all the Worlds Marathon Majors.

You will find her in almost all the long races, including park runs and local races. Her running journey demonstrates amazing physical abilities and mental strength.

She once said, “I love to participate in local races as they are a great opportunity for me to meet other runners, make friends, and just be part of the running community.”

It proves that she is the happiest person when running with her friends or opponents on trails or marathons. Hence, making her one of the energetic members of the sporting community.

Besides that, she is a three-time iconic Marathon des Sables runner. Moreover, she was also a part of Jungle Ultra(a self-supported 250km race in the Amazon). This race lasted for almost a week.

With her extraordinary experience, you will also find her commentate big occasions like various National running shows, Marathons, OCR races, and Triathlons. Additionally, Susie participated in live performances that made her comfortable speaking about multiple challenges.

Other Activities

Susie Chan Peloton Instructor

When she is not in her running shoes, you will find her in other activities such as swimming, open water races, and cycling. With so much positivity to her personality, you won’t resist being inspired by her.

This endurance runner is the number one to be followed on Instagram and other social media platforms as an active runner.

Susie Chan is also a Peloton instructor, which is a publicly-traded company. It has an app called OnePeleton or Peloton Digital, designed to be used with the Peloton treadmill.

Susie is one of its qualified trainers that streams in the fitness classes to provide you with a workout program at home. These classes will help you in your workout and keep you fit and healthy.

Being so strong, she also overcame a battle with Thyroid cancer in 2017, and now she is living her life amazingly with her family. I follow her because she inspires me a lot with her motivational skills, and I still remember once she said, “With a little bit of self-belief, combined with the magic of putting one foot in front of the other, anything is possible,” and that is when I felt strong and motivated.

susie chan thyroid cancer

Susie Chan Social Media Accounts

Achievements And Adventures

  • Four times runner of Marathon des Sables.
  • Susie Chan Won the Adventure Category of the 2017 Coastal Challenge.
  • Susie Chan also participated in the Jungle Ultra 250 km race through Amazon.
  • She was also part of Thames Path 100.
  • World Marathon Majors gave her the six-star finisher title.
  • She got the third position in the 2018 Self Transcendence 24-hour track race.
  • She broke the world record for the “Longest Distance Run On A Treadmill In 12-hours.”
  • Number one runner to follow on Instagram.
  • She still Commentates big events.
  • Susie Chan is an Instructor in OnePeleton, which she considers her biggest achievement to inspire other people.
  • She is also an ambassador for Intersports.

Being so inspirational and amazing, Susie Chan has worked hard to achieve all the goals to live a fit life. Her biggest strength has always been her family. The support system she had was always strong enough to get her into this position. She is famous by the name “Susie Chan Instructor” on OnePeloton.


How Old is Susie Chan?

Susie Chan is 40 years old and was born in Surrey to a Hong Kong Chinese father and a British mother. She is an endurance runner and OnePeleton instructor.

Besides that, Susie participated in many Marathons and held a record for the longest distance run on a treadmill in 12-hours. Moreover, she is a four-time runner in Marathon des Sables.

When Did Susie Chan Start Running?

Susie Chan started running 7 years ago when her brother was training to run for a marathon. Her brother convinced her to run a half-marathon.

That’s what motivated her, and she started her journey and achieved so much that now she is an inspiration for everyone worldwide. Besides that, Susie participated in various Marathons and Endurance races.

What Does Susie Chan Do on Peloton?

Susie Chan is a tread instructor on OnePeloton. You can find this app on the Peloton bike and treadmills. Moreover, you can sign up for Peloton and take classes with Susie Chan. She is very hardworking and inspirational for people of every age and gender. Besides that, this application is loaded for workouts at home.

Who is Susie Chan married to?

Susie Chan, the accomplished ultra runner who recently set a new 12-hour treadmill world record, celebrates her achievement alongside her husband, Shaun Marsden, at Kingston University.

What is Susie Chan’s nationality?

Susie Chan holds dual nationality, with her father being of Hong Kong Chinese descent and her mother being British. She was born in Surrey, England.

Wrapping Up

Susie Chan, this name not only gives you strength but inspires you to every core. She is not just an Endurance runner but a four-time Marathon des Sables finisher.

Moreover, Susie is a world record breaker for the treadmill running in 2016. She also participated in Ultra Marathons, including finishing the Worlds Marathon Majors.

This article will not just give you all the details about Susie Chan, but it will inspire you to reach your potential each day.

I hope that this article gives you the strength to work on yourself and let the positive energy surround you. So, grab your running shoes and become the next Susie Chan! Because everything is possible!

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