What is Peloton Studio NYC? – [Guide to Fitness Innovation & Inspiring Classes]

With a Peloton subscription, you might have already experienced workout classes at home. Now, it’s time to discover Peloton Studio NYC’s holistic fitness magic. It’s an ever-evolving fitness landscape for individuals of various age groups. NYC – a city that never sleeps, is a fascinating realm of Peloton studios. 

In this article, we will address all your queries regarding the reopening and booking of Peloton Studios classes in New York City. It’s the ultimate guide for all the details you need before visiting the Peloton NYC studio.  

But before delving into all your inquiries, let’s quickly examine how Peloton grew over the years leading to the opening of its studios in NYC.

The Brief Evolution of Peloton Studio NYC

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Founded in 2012, from then till the present, Peloton has revolutionized the fitness industry. The idea of providing studio-quality workouts from the comfort of one’s home was simple yet innovative.

From cycling classes to introducing connected bikes in 2014; and subsequently going public in 2019, Peloton has evolved into a captivating realm with a zealous and loyal community. 

With many studios in different countries, Peloton has become a global fitness brand. Here, we will talk about its studios in New York City. 

Discovering Peloton Studio NYC

Located in the heart of NYC, Peloton Studio NYC offers high-tech amenities. It’s an ideal workout hub for fitness freaks of all levels. You feel a vibrant and modern ambiance when you enter its New York studio.

The HD display and premium-quality sound systems create a welcoming aura that instantly energizes visitors as they step through the entrance. 

Peloton Studios New York Instructors & Classes

At the NYC studio of Peloton lies the skilled and exceptional team of world-class instructors. The passion and positive energy they bring to the classes inspire participants to push their limits.

The Peloton studio in New York also offers a comprehensive selection of classes to cater to the needs of all visitors. From cycling classes to relaxing yoga classes and intense strength training, there are various fitness dimensions for you to explore. 

Advanced Fitness Tech at NYC Peloton Studio

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With Peloton’s state-of-the-art facilities at Its NYC studio, you can ignite your passion for fitness by participating in global challenges.

With the integration of its cutting-edge technology, Peloton Studio NYC offers a real-time performance – motivating the participants to embark on the fitness journey by tracking their progress along the way. 

Hotels Near Peloton Studio NYC

Knowing about the New York hotels near Peloton studio beforehand helps you avoid long commuting. Everyone knows NYC traffic is the worst in the U.S. So, staying nearby saves you time and energy. It also prevents you from transportation hassles. 

Moreover, being near Peloton NYC studio allows you to optimize your workout schedule. You can comfortably access all the Peloton in-person classes, whether morning or late night. You can also conveniently interact with other community members. 

Additionally, having a hotel near the Peloton studio in NYC provides you with a private resting space after an intense workout, enhancing your post-workout relaxation. 

Following is a list of hotels that are within a 10-block radius of the studio, approximately half a mile:

  • The New Yorker Hotel 
  • Crowne Plaza HY36 Midtown Manhattan
  • Marriott Brand Hotels
  • EVEN Hotel New York – Times Square South
  • Hilton Garden Inn New York Times Square South
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton New York/Midtown Manhattan Times Square-South
  • Hilton Hotels 
  • Pendry Hotel Manhattan West

Some of these hotels are much closer than 10 blocks. In addition, the list of hotels reflects the distance from the studio, not the pricing.

Most of these also have Peloton equipment in their fitness centers at no added cost. Some hotels charge additional fees. Thus, you have to check it out.

With the help of Google Maps, you can also look for cheaper options that suit your budget. On the safe side, booking a hotel beforehand is good to avoid any inconvenience.

You can also search for famous travel websites like TripAdvisor or Booking.com. These sites will quickly direct you to a comprehensive list of hotels near Peloton Studios in NYC. 

Unlocking Membership & Pricing Options at Peloton Studios NYC

Subscribing to Peloton membership at NYC studio provides value for money. There is a diverse range of membership options to accommodate everyone’s requirements.

Pricing is also budget-friendly, allowing you to select the classes best aligned with your workout preferences. 

Customer Experiences at Peloton Studio NYC

Countless endorsements and reviews speak of the significant impact of Peloton Studios NYC on its members. Many regular attendees called it their second home to foster lasting friendships.

For many, the studio’s welcoming ambiance and inspiring environment improved their physical health and mental well-being. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Peloton Studio NYC?

It is located at 370 10th Avenue in New York City, NY 10001, between West 32nd and 33rd Streets. There are four studios in the place. They are designated Bike Studio, Tread Studio, Yoga Studio, and Strength Studio.

When Will Peloton Studios Reopen in NYC?

Just like London Studios, Peloton Studios NYC also reopened on Friday, August 19, 2022.

When Do Peloton Studios Classes Open?

The official timing is from 11 AM-7 PM, Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, it’s from 12 PM-6 PM. You can book classes at Peloton Studio NYC from Thursday through Monday. Why? Because on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the Peloton’s NYC team records its classes with no live audience. 

How to Book a Peloton Class in NYC?

For an in-studio experience, you can book a class six weeks in advance at the “studio.one peloton.com.” Booking for classes at PSNY commences at noon on Thursdays.

Where Does Peloton Film in New York?

For filming Peloton classes in NYC, the location is 370 10th Avenue (Situated between 32nd and 33rd Street). The old address was 23rd Street in the Chelsea neighborhood. 

How Many Peloton Studios Are There?

Four studios are present within the 35,000 sq. ft. space at the Peloton New York City studios. These four studios are named Tread Studio (16 members capacity), Strength Studio (6 members capacity), Cycle Studio (39 members capacity), and Yoga Studio (7 members capacity).


Peloton Studio in New York City is a remarkable hub where fitness meets with innovation and introduces you to a thriving community.

Surrounding yourself with people who share a common goal inspires you to go beyond the limits to achieve your fitness goals. 

So, if you are looking for technology-driven workouts, step into this vibrant fitness realm. Peloton Studio NYC welcomes you with open doors. Experience a transformative fitness journey here with its art-of-the-state amenities – uniting innovation, inspiration, and connection like never before. 

Finally, before visiting the studio, it’s good to make a reservation in a hotel to ensure room availability.

Staying at a hotel near Peloton Studio gives you the chance to explore NYC-busting nightlife beyond your workout activities. Make sure to use Google Maps for booking a hotel to assess the hotel’s location and distance from the studio. 

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