Peloton Tread vs Tread Plus Reviews with Comparison

Are you interested in buying the peloton tread? Then it would help if you learned the difference and comparison between peloton tread vs. tread plus before buying the one.

Peloton tread and peloton tread plus are the two upgraded versions of peloton tread. Both have their own features, and the difference lies in the features. 

You can have the one depending on the features you require. The article shows some main features that show the difference between peloton tread and tread plus. 

What should I  Buy?

peloton tread vs tread plus review

Some of the highlights added in the article highlight the comparison between Peloton tread and tread plus. Such highlights show you how to select the right one for your workout.

Features of Peloton Tread

Let’s have a look at the feature of peloton tread. The attributes describe the use of peloton tread in the workout mode. The features describe it as a low-cost product.

Peloton tread is smaller in size and weight. The dimensions of the peloton tread include 68’’ L x 33’’ W x62’’ H. The measurements are enough to describe its overall structure.

Regarding the screen dimensions, the screen can rotate up to 50 degrees. The dimensions are the same as the peloton tread plus.

Features of Peloton Tread plus

Peloton tread plus is the first version in the market but still is considered the most valuable and premium version. The Price is higher than the peloton one.

Peloton tread plus includes the shock absorbing belt. The tread plus has a 32 inches HD screen. The dimensions of tread plus are 72.5” L x 36.5” W x 72” H. 

Tread plus has a higher range of the sound system, with a 20 W sound bar and 70 Hz frequency. 

Peloton tread includes a 23.8 inches big screen. The dimensions of tread is 68” L x 33” W x 62 ” H. The tread and tread plus dimensions make a significant difference between them. 

Comparison Between Peloton Tread vs Tread Plus

Comparison Between Peloton Tread vs Tread Plus

What is the difference between peloton tread and tread plus? Both are similar in some terms, and some slight difference occurs between them in terms of features and Price.

1. Peloton Tread vs. Tread + Price

The price factor is the most significant feature that makes a big difference between peloton tread and tread +. The pricing of these two featured products makes a clear difference between them.

The tread + starts at $4,295, while the tread begins at $2,495, including the tax features.

2. Peloton Tread vs Tread Plus Running Surfaces:

Peloton tread has a belt for the running surface that is the same as the traditional belt. The tread plus has a different running system. The texture is of aluminum slats and covered with rubber.

The slats have 2HP belts, and each slat has flexibility in it. Therefore, the peloton tread is best in running mode.

The tread has a powerful motor and a texture that is woven nylon. The powerful motor is 3 HP, which ensures the complete constant speed of the machine on the ground.

3. Peloton Tread vs Tread Plus Running Area:

Both peloton tread and tread plus provide a larger surface area for running. The dimensions are different, which causes a slight difference in the running area of both surfaces.

The dimension difference shows an absolute difference of about 8” in the running area. Tread plus provide more running area than peloton tread.  The running area and the belt make a slight difference between them.

4. Peloton Tread vs Tread Plus Screen Size:

Peloton tread and peloton tread plus both equipment has the screen. The screen is different in both cases. The screen size of peloton tread + is around 32’’.

While the screen of Peloton tread is about 23.8’’. The size difference makes a clear difference between both machines. The video screen in both cases is 1080P. 

The screen rotation in Peloton tread varies from 0 degrees to 50 degrees. The peloton tread plus around 0 degrees to 30 degrees. The rotation is from vertical to up/down movement.

5. Peloton Tread vs Tread Plus Sound Speaker:

The sound speaker in both cases is different. Peloton tread plus is listed as 20 W while the frequency response is around 70 Hz to 120 kHz.

The excellent bar in the case of Peloton tread is at the top of the screen with frequency response is 80 Hz to 20 kHz.

6. Peloton Size

There is a size difference in peloton tread and peloton tread plus. Peloton tread is smaller than peloton tread plus, which is larger and heavier in weight.

Peloton tread plus weighs around 430 pounds, while the tread weighs around 290 pounds.

7. Peloton Tread vs Tread Plus Maintenance Requirement

Considering the maintenance of the machines, both need a regular update. Regular maintenance will keep the machines perfect and save them from damage. Therefore, regular checking of the power cord is required. 

The checking of belts is needed, and ensure that every part, including the peloton screen, is in the right direction. The comparison shows a clear difference between peloton tread and peloton tread plus. 

The price difference is the concern between them. Regarding the other features, peloton tread plus is considered the best in the experience with its 32” screen and the use of slats in the machine. 

You can share peloton tread and peloton tread plus reviews with others based on the comparison. Let’s have a look at the FAQS of the Topic for more concerns regarding the functioning and procedure.

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FAQs Regarding Peloton Tread vs Tread plus

Can I use just the Peloton app with the new Peloton tread?

To utilize the peloton app, you need to have full access to the membership. Once you get the membership, you can use the Peloton app on your mobile phone.

Is peloton tread + coming back?

There is no update regarding it. The release date is still not arrived. You can check the latest updates from your mobile phone.

What is the difference between Peloton tread and Peloton tread plus review?

Many differences come between them. The size can be in the form of screen size, power, and other running surfaces. The main difference that is seen is the price factor.


The article mainly concerns the ideal purchase of peloton tread vs. tread plus review. Both products provided the best strategy in terms of Price and ranked as the best-featured products. 

Tread plus is the updated version of the older peloton tread. But both articles can be compared in terms of features and functioning. 

In this comparison, the peloton tread vs. peloton tread plus, some additional features are there to make higher-end products. 

You might have clearly compared the peloton tread vs. tread plus. Peloton plus is considered best for the customers.

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