Peloton Vs NordicTrack 2023 – Which Bike is Better For You?

Home workout equipment are becoming incredibly famous, and they offer a convenient in-house alternative to gyms and fitness studios. Investing in indoor exercise bikes provides a great way to stay healthy at home. Peloton and NordicTrack are two major players in-home fitness bikes.

Both reputable companies are known for their innovative features, excellent durability, and user-friendly functions. However, there are still major differences between these two giants.

This Peloton vs. NordicTrack review is intended to share similarities and differences between these fitness bikes to help you choose the best one for your exercise routine.

Peloton Vs. NordicTrack – Choosing The Best Indoor Bike?

1. Peloton Bike Review

Peloton Bike

Key Features

  • 22-inch HD touch screen
  • Hundreds of live and on-demand classes for a fee
  • A wireless cast of All Access workouts to your TV
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Clip-in pedals
  • The price of the base model includes delivery and assembly
  • Shoes and accessories available at an additional cost

This indoor bike comes with a sleek and slim design. With this bike, you enjoy the feeling of an in-studio workout class from the convenience of your own house, thanks to the large 21. Inch screen and on-demand live lasses with professional fitness trainers.

You can choose from different on-demand and live classes. This indoor bike features clip-in pedals to keep your feet locked in place. There are multiple accessories offered by the peloton, such as a heart rate monitor, weights, and headphones to make your fitness journey fruitful and exciting.


  • Professional Peloton Instructors
  • On-demand and live classes
  • Get personal metrics in real-time
  • Communication with fellow peloton users
  • Countless workout videos
  • Most versatile indoor bike


  • High price
  • Need special shoes for workout

2. NordicTrack Bike Review

NordicTrack Bike

Prime Features

  • 22-inch HD rotating touch screen
  • 1-year iFit membership with workouts for free
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Built-in fan
  • Includes 3-pound weights
  • Real-time incline or decline feature
  • Additional fees apply for delivery and assembly
  • Works with any shoe

NordicTrack is another popular indoor bike offering plenty of bells and whistles to provide you great at-home work. Featuring a 22-inch HD screen, the bike offers trainer-led workouts and scenic rides.

This indoor bike is decked out with a couple of 3-pound weights, a built-in fan, dual water bottle holders, and pedals that work with any shoe.

Also, it has a one-year iFit subscription with the bike and 24/7 access to destination rides and on-demand classes. If you are not interested in a paid program, the iFit still has some limited programs for you.


  • Automatically incline and decline in real-time
  • Rotating screen
  • Thousands of live/on-demand classes
  • In-depth, personalized workout stats
  • Comes with a set of 3-pound weights


  • Instructor/experience controls user settings

Similarities between Peloton and NordicTrack

PriceStarts at \$1,495Starts at \$1,299
ResistanceDigitally controlled magnetic resistanceDigitally controlled magnetic resistance
ClassesLive and on-demand classesLive and on-demand classes
InstructorsPeloton instructors are former professional athletes and dancersNordicTrack instructors are former professional athletes and trainers
TechnologyPeloton uses the Peloton AppNordicTrack uses the iFIT App
Warranty1 year warranty on frame and parts, 30 day money-back guarantee1 year warranty on frame and parts, 30 day money-back guarantee

Comparison Table of Peloton Vs NordicTrack

Specs Peloton Bike NordicTrack
Dimensions 23″W x 59″L x 53″H22″W x 55″L x 57″H
Weight limit297 lbs. 350 lbs.
Screen typeHD touch screen 360 degree rotating HD touch screen
Water bottle holderDual holders Dual holders
Flywheel typeinertia-enhanced flywheel inertia-enhanced flywheel
Resistance typemagnetic resistance with mechanical adjustment silent magnetic resistance
Screen size22 inches 22 inches
Auxiliary portyesyes
Membershipmonthly subscription to Peloton All-Access Needed (fees vary) 1st year of iFit membership free with purchase (must purchase after)
Speakerstwo rear-facing speakers two digitally amplified speakers
Additional equipmentsavailable for additional costs comes with two 3 pound weights

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Difference Between Peloton And NordicTrack Bikes?

There are many differences between NordicTrack and peloton bike. NordicTrack is slightly cheaper than Peloton. Peloton allows the user to control his settings, whereas, in NordicTrack, instructors control your settings. However, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to enjoy unlimited access.

What is The Difference Between iFit App and Peloton?

Peloton offers a better user experience as compared to iFit. However, the library of iFit is much extensive than Peloton, offering more than 16,000 on-demand and live classes.

Does The NordicTrack Screen Turn off?

Although there is no power-off button to turn off the touch screen of NordicTrack, if you don’t move the pedals for some time, don’t press the buttons, or don’t touch the screen, the console automatically turns off.

Is Peloton better than NordicTrack?

Peloton and NordicTrack are both great brands of exercise equipment. Peloton has a wider selection of classes and a sleeker design, but it is more expensive. NordicTrack is more affordable and has more features, but it does not have as many live classes. The best choice for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Final Words

Both Peloton and NordicTrack are two excellent fitness bikes. They lead the way in building quality, features, and the breadth of their fitness library.

NordicTrack has standard pedals and outdoor riding features for casual bike riders, whereas Peloton indoor bike is a special gift for hardcore enthusiasts. No matter which one you choose, both are perfect for indoor workouts.

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