Peloton Artist Series 2023 – How to find Artist Series on Peloton?

Peloton is an American exercise equipment and media company. Peloton creates classes with diverse and vibrant music in addition to workouts. They always create interesting types of workouts. 

So that people don’t get bored during workouts. Meanwhile, they have launched a new peloton artist series. It is a new series of workouts that is full of entertainment. Let’s discover more about the peloton artist series 2023. 

Is there a Peloton artist series? 

how to find artist series on peloton app

Peloton has launched a new series of workouts known as the artist series peloton. In this series, the members can listen to their favorite soundtracks during the workouts. 

However, it is the best way to enjoy during workouts. The members can listen to the soundtracks of their favourite artists. Moreover, the peloton introduced 661 classes in which different genres of music have played. 

Even soundtracks from the 1970s and 80s rock to hip hop and club hits were also played in the classes. Once you access the Peloton classes on your laptop and browser, you can easily find the peloton artist series list

How to Approach Artist Series on Peloton? 

The method of accessing the artist series peloton is very easy and quick. You can approach this series on the Peloton web as well as application. Let’s find ways to access this series respectively. 

  1. On the website, log in to your membership account. 
  2. You will see the “collection” option, just click it and you can see the different soundtracks. 
  3. On the application, log in to your membership account. 
  4. Click the “collection” option and you can choose the soundtrack as per your choice. 
peloton artist series future

Who can Participate in the Peloton Artist Series? 

The artist series peloton is best for those who lack confidence. While it is ideal for people who want to boost their confidence. Its main highlight is the vibrancy and excitement of the song in each class. 

However, the energetic tracks help you to build self-confidence and self-love. Those who are lacking motivation can work out while listening to their favourite soundtracks. 

The new peloton artist series makes you so energized and confident, even if you feel that the artist series brings concerts to your doorstep.

Because the artist series list has the soundtracks of the 70s and 80s; therefore, it is the best for those who belong in the 70s and 80s. 

Many seniors may think that the series is very fresh and youthful for their musical taste. But don’t worry, Peloton has a lot of genres of music for every age. 

How does the new Peloton Artist Series benefit you? 

If people feel too bored with repetitive exercises, then artist series can create inspiration and fresh environment for them.  

Second, if you enjoy Country, Latin, or Pop music, the Peloton Artist Series can satisfy your musical desires. Because of the gout-appropriate songs, this series not only helps you stay fit but also relieves stress after a long day of work. 

Top 6 Best Peloton Artist Series in 2023

Peloton members highly value the diverse playlists available across activities like biking, yoga, and outdoor workouts, spanning genres from 70s rock to club hits.

Central to this are the Artist Series classes, which spotlight individual musicians’ catalogs. Recently, these classes have featured acts like Outkast and The Beatles.

With a vast array of workouts including hits from the 70s to 90s, these series offer both new and nostalgic musical experiences. All Artist Series classes are accessible via the Collections tab on all Peloton platforms.

ThemeFeatured ArtistsHighlighted Classes/WorkoutsMembers’ Feedback
peloton artist series
Boost of Confidence
Lizzo, Kesha, JLo, 88Rising, Lady GagaRobin Arzon’s 30-min Lizzo Ride, Jess Sims’ 30-min Lizzo Fun RunEmpowering, Pick-me-up
peloton artist series
Feeling a Little Country
Keith Urban, Dolly Parton, Mickey GuytonMatt Wilpers’ 30-min Keith Urban Run, Hannah Corbin’s 30-min Keith Urban Ride, Kristin McGee’s Keith Urban Yoga FlowNashville Hits, No Cowboy Boots
peloton artist series
Craving Latin Music
Celia Cruz, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Ricky Martin, ShakiraPeloton’s representation celebrated by Latin community, Soul-touchingCultural Connection, Music Love
peloton artist series
Love for Pop
Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Ms. Lauryn HillIconic Artists, Memorable Rides, Leading InstructorsMulti-Genre Experience
peloton artist series
PR to Rap
A$AP Ferg, Common, Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Post Malone, Megan Thee StallionHeart-pumping Flow, Rap FavoritesEnergetic, Flow-driven Rides
peloton artist series
70s and 80s Nostalgia
Billy Joel, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Cher, Paul McCartney & Wings, Whitney Houston, Melissa EtheridgeNostalgic Rides, Passionate Instructors, Extra Layer of ExperienceMemorable, Nostalgic Rides

Remember, these Artist Series classes are available under the Collections tab on the Bike, Tread, and Peloton App.

What equipment do you need for the Peloton artist series 2023? 

The equipment for this series is very simple and easy to prepare. You should have the following equipment to enjoy the new artist series in the best way. 

  • Dumbbells 
  • Yoga block 
  • Workout mat 
  • Heart rate monitor 

As you can see the list is very short and convenient. Just get the equipment, enjoy the soundtracks, and have a wonderful experience of workouts. 

The Top 5 Peloton Artist Series 2022

peloton artist series list

You can enjoy the soundtracks of 105 artists in more than 600 classes. However, it shows the creativity as well as the interest of peloton staff in building different schedules. Let’s have a look at the top five peloton artist series. 

1- Beyonce: 

  • Tunde Oyeneyin (10 min Beyonce cool down to ride, 30 min Beyonce two for one ride) 
  • Aditi Shah (30 min Beyonce power yoga, 10 min Beyonce meditation) 
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts (10 min Beyonce meditation, 15 min Beyonce courage meditation, 30 min Beyonce yoga flow) 
  • Jess Sims (60 min Beyonce Bootcamp) 
  • Robin Arzon (45 min Beyonce ride, 20 min Beyonce full body strength) 

2- Billie Eilish: 

  • Becs Gentry (30 min Billie Eilish run) 
  • Anna Greenberg (45 min Billie Eilish yoga flow) 
  • Kendall Toole (30 min Billie Eilish Ride) 

3- Black Pink: 

  • Olivia Amato (20 min BLACKPINK HIIT Cardio) 
  • Ross Rayburn (30 min BLACKPINK power yoga) 
  • Ally Love (30 min BLACKPINK ride) 

4- Ed Sheeran: 

  • Ben Alldis (5 min Ed Sheeran core strength, 20 min Ed Sheeran full body strength) 
  • Sam Yo (10 min Ed Sheeran arms and light weights, 20 min Ed Sheeran recovery ride) 
  • Jermaine Johnson (20 min Ed Sheeran run) 
  • Mayla Wedekind (20 min Ed Sheeran ride) 


  • Adrian Williams (Thunder 45: EMINEM) 
  • Robin Arzon (20 min EMINEM core strength) 
  • Selena Samuela (30 min EMINEM Shadowboxing) 
  • Kendall Toole (30 min EMINEM Shadowboxing) 

The Peloton Artist Series Rush

The series will feature three instructors: 

  • Andy Speer (30 minutes Rush Upper Body Strength)
  • Matt Wilpers (20 minutes Rush Run)
  • Denis Morton (30 min. Rush Ride).

All classes have already been recorded and available on demand since July 1st, at 10 a.m. EST. 

Final Words

Undoubtedly, the Peloton Artists Series classes are diverse, featuring a wide range of popular artists and catchy music genres. It is a great option for those looking to mix up their workout routine. 

While the Peloton artist series future will have more variety of soundtracks. Moreover, energetic soundtracks are the best way to boost your confidence level as well as motivation. However, the peloton’s upcoming artist series will be introduced very soon. 

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