Do Peloton Shoes Run Small? – [Quick Answer & Guide]

What else can be as agonizing as your favorite pair of shoes not fitting snuggly? Like many other brands, people rave about peloton shoes for their indoor cycling workout.

The main question is, do peloton shoes run small or not? If you don’t already know about peloton, it is an interactive media company that manufactures exercise equipment and other products like their famous shoes. You can use their shoes and internet-connected stationary bikes for indoor workout sessions. Now let us discuss whether peloton shoes are true to size.

Do Peloton Shoes Run Small?

What Is Peloton?

Many of you might not have much information about this company. It is an American interactive media company that has manufactured many types of equipment and other products to encourage indoor workouts.

As we all know that many people don’t get the chance to go to the gym or go cycling. Fortunately, a peloton allows you to do that in the comfort of your own home.

Their indoor stationary bikes are incredible and allow you to have a live cycling session with trainers and other people through a monthly subscription. It comes with an interactive screen, and you can connect with expert trainers and other people to enjoy timed cycling sessions.

You can enhance your cycling experience if you pair it with peloton shoes. They are specifically made for their indoor cycle, which provides a comfortable workout experience. Let us now discuss the peloton shoes’ built quality in the next section.

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Peloton Shoes Built Quality

Peloton shoes are built to last long; due to their lightweight, breathability, flexibility, and durability, people prefer them for indoor cycling. They are made up of premium quality material that makes them extremely long-lasting. The peloton also features 3 adjustable straps that allow for convenient adjustability. Moreover, the inner sole provides a padded bed to provide a relaxing workout session.

The upper meshed top of the shoe allows free airflow that prevents your feet from sweating. Not only that, but they also come with 3 delta cleats and an Allen key that you can easily adjust with the peloton bike paddles. Do peloton shoes run small or not is the real deal; let us read about some of the issues people have to face with these shoes.

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Are Peloton Shoes True To Size?

Are Peloton Shoes True To Size

Like other clip-on bike shoes, peloton shoes have cleats that can be secured with the paddles of the bike. Such fastening allows for safe and smooth cycling. It has rarely happened that people complain about the size of these shoes because they fit snugly most of the time.

If you are someone with narrow feet, you will feel comfortable wearing your size. You might feel them loose on you, but it will allow ample room to move your feet.

Moreover, if you fit regular standard sizes, it is going to be a win-win situation. Because the peloton shoes are the truest size and sit comfortably on your feet. Other than that, they come with three adjustable velcro straps so that you can adjust the shoe according to your comfort level.

Some people have extra wide and large feet, making it difficult for them to get the right size. What you can do is get a size up so that you don’t have to feel restricted while cycling on your Peloton bike.

The one and main issue with these shoes are that they don’t offer a wide array of sizes which can cause problems for potential buyers. For instance, you can find peloton shoes for men in sizes 44 to 48 US and for women in sizes from 36 to 39 US, respectively. Therefore, to conclude the whole article, we can infer that peloton shoes might run small only for those who have larger feet.


Are Peloton Shoes Comfortable?

The peloton makes the most comfortable shoes for timed workout sessions. Based on reviews, the shoes fit quite snugly on a person’s shoes giving a very relaxing workout time.

However, they offer a very limited size range which can be quite problematic. Rest, their shoes are made with comfortable and breathable material with upper mesh which prevents sweating. Hence, their shoes are apt for indoor cycling workouts.

Are Peloton Shoes Different From Ordinary Workout Shoes?

Yes, peloton manufactures special shoes for their indoor stationary cycles. The peloton shoes are the only shoes that are compatible with the peloton indoor stationary bikes.

If you buy other shoes for spinning the paddles, you have to face a lot of discomfort because the paddles don’t go with different types of workout shoes most of the time. You have to do a lot of adjustments if you use other shoes. Therefore, buying a pair of peloton shoes would be the best option.

Do Peloton Shoes Run Small?

It is safe to say that these shoes are true to size and fit snugly on almost all standard sizes of feet. The main issue is that peloton shoes don’t come in a wide range of sizes. In fact, they only offer standard shoe sizes, which can be an issue for people with too small or too large feet.

Some people with small feet find them extremely roomy, which can be very uncomfortable for timed workout sessions. On the other hand, people with large feet may feel restricted in peloton shoes even if they wear their own size.

Final Thoughts

A quick indoor stationary cycling session on your favorite peloton bike and wearing a pair of peloton shoes can boost your mood. However, many people who have been meaning to buy peloton equipment and shoes wonder if the peloton shoes are true to size or not.

The answer is yes; their shoes are true to size and offer an incredible amount of comfort. However, the small range of peloton shoe sizes can be an issue for some people. Some people find them uncomfortable because either their feet are too large or too small for them.

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